New domain name.

SEB now has a new domain name to get to the site as I realize it can be somewhat difficult to remember the current URL. The new domain name is, pretty much what you’d expect. For the moment all it does it redirect you back to, but it’ll still get you here and is much easier to remember. I’m debating reversing the roles, however, and making the primary domain with the current one just redirecting you toward the new one. Of course that’ll break the links to any articles I have from folks who have linked to me and seeing as I’ve already broken said links once in the past I’m somewhat reluctant to do it again. I’ll probably kick the decision around a little longer before settling on it.

2 thoughts on “New domain name.

  1. Hi Les,

    Congrats on the new domain-hood!

    It’s possible to set up your account to redirect server queries from to by editing your .htaccess file. Do this, et voila, no more broken links.

  2. Shows you how much I know, eh? I’ll definitely read up on that as it makes the decision to switch to the new domain name a little easier to make.

    Yeah, I discovered the joys of Name’s $8.88 domain name registration and figured I had pretty much settled on Stupid Evil Bastard as a permanent name for the site so I may as well register it. Then I was left trying to figure out how the hell to move it into place without breaking everything. Then you came along and provided me with all the answers I needed.

    Now, if I can just figure out how to become a billionaire with little to no real effort. Suggestions? wink

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