Journey to Planet X!

According to this report from the folks at BBC News a large world has been found beyond Pluto.

Quaoar, as it has been dubbed, is about 1,280 kilometres across (800 miles) and is the biggest find in the Solar System since Pluto itself 72 years ago.

The object is about one-tenth the diameter of Earth and circles the Sun every 288 years.

It is half Pluto’s size, but apparently larger than the ninth planet’s moon, Charon.

Not surprisingly, scientists are using this discovery as an argument against Pluto’s status as a planet itself. Pluto is kinda measly as far as planets go, but much like “under God” in the Pledge, the likelihood of Pluto being demoted is probably small because no one likes to admit when they’ve made a mistake and actually fix it.

Now I wonder how long before they discover that this new addition to the solar system has it’s own moon to go along with it. That would probably really open up the debate on whether or not it should qualify as a new planet.

1 thought on “Journey to Planet X!

  1. Hard to say if there are as many large Kuiper Belt objects as they predict. I would imagine that the gravitational field generated by such objects might be MORE suited to pick up satellites since it is essentially in a large belt of debris (more objects, more of a chance they will begin to orbit the body). I say we ditch Pluto as a planet and re-evaluate our definition of a planetary body.

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