It’s official: GTA Vice City is golden.

According to a news blurb over at GameSpot, GTA Vice City has gone gold.

Rockstar Games has today announced that Grand Theft Auto: Vice City has gone gold and is currently in manufacturing. The game, which is the follow-up to the phenomenally successful Grand Theft Auto III, will ship to stores in North America on October 29 and in Europe on November 8.

Someone peel me off the ceiling, eh? There’s still two weeks till it hits store shelves and I can hardly wait.

3 thoughts on “It’s official: GTA Vice City is golden.

  1. Don’t think it’ll be out for the PC until sometime next year. Took almost a year after the release of GTA III for it to hit the PC.

    Hey, if you don’t mind driving on over I’ll be happy to share my game with you! grin

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