Honor among pumpkin shooters.

This is at least as neat an idea as the Mountain Dew shotgun, which is probably fake anyway: Ka-POW! goes the pumpkin.

Jim Bristoe is getting a blast out of his pumpkin cannon. Bristoe figures his 30-foot-long, two-ton contraption can fire the orange orbs up to five miles. On Saturday, he entered his launcher in the Pumpkin Propulsion Contest, where the cannon far outclassed the competition.

So Bristoe stepped aside and let the lesser rivals compete for top honors.

According to that CNN.com article the cannon is able to put a 10 pound pumpkin through the back end of a 1978 Pontiac. Talk about an excellent form of home defense that’ll have burglars thinking twice when they spy your pumpkin patch! Are they for a nice pie? Or are they potentially lethal projectiles!

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