Ghosts use computers and prefer Windows PCs, but don’t like the Internet.

An article over at The Sacramento Bee talks about a concept known as instrumental transcommunication (ITC) wherein the dead communicate with the living via electronic devices such as TV sets and personal computers.

Macy said communication typically occurs on Windows machines, and has come in the form of simple text messages, Microsoft Word document files and a wide variety of digital image formats, including “.tif,” “.jpg” and “.gif.” With the popularity of the Web and e-mail, one might think that the spirits would use the Internet as a communication medium. But Macy said the Internet includes too many “troubled thoughtforms” that disrupt the harmony necessary for ITC contacts to occur.

If you ever need a good example of people believing in just the stupidest shit you’d be hard pressed to find a better one. No explanation is given as to why ghosts might prefer Windows based PCs over Macintosh or Linux based PCs, but I suspect it has a lot to do with the general stupidity and lack of thinking ability of most Windows users. Let’s face it: Windows is the most common operating system despite it’s obvious flaws and problems so it’s only natural that it would attract the greater proportion of clueless, ignorant dipshits.

Though I suppose this bit of information does make my job as a PC Systems Administrator a lot easier as I can just tell my users that the problem they’re having with their system isn’t because they’re so clueless they shouldn’t be allowed to look at a PC, let alone operate it, but because their dead Aunt Edna is trying to send them a message.

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