Georgia School Board Bans ‘Theory Of Math’

COGDELL, GA—The Cogdell School Board banned the teaching of the controversial “Theory Of Math” in its schools Monday. “We are simply not confident of this mysterious process by which numbers turn, as if by magic, into other numbers,” board member Gus Reese said. “Those mathematicians are free to believe 3 times 4 equals 12, but that dun [sic] give them the right to force it on our children.” Under the new ruling, all math textbooks will carry a disclaimer noting that math is only one of many valid theories of number-manipulation.

Gotta love The Onion. Talk about bringing home a point via satire. When I’m confronted by people promoting the whole Intelligent Design “theory” by arguing that evolution is just a “theory” that isn’t completely proven, I always like to point out that gravity is just a “theory” that hasn’t been completely proven either yet I don’t see them jumping off of 10 story buildings as a result. Hell, I’d pay for tickets to watch them try to disprove that theory. Maybe if they all prayed really hard on the way down…

3 thoughts on “Georgia School Board Bans ‘Theory Of Math’

  1. Whenever I am confronted by people who think evolution is just a wacko theory, I tell them that I think they are just a theory and I’m not sure they actually exist. Then I punch them real hard to see if they are real or not. Actually, it’s just an great opportunity to punch an idiot.

  2. Leave it to GEORGIA to decide what the theory of evolution is about. I mean, really, these people are still fucking their siblings. No wonder why they have NO idea how to relate.

    I see this as nothing but another move to pander to the Right, and pull in votes for Dubbya from the Bible Belt.

    Pathetic but true, our country is doing nothing to advance intellegence throughout our population. Who do you think is going to foot the bill for these mistakes Bush has made?

    … anyone else thinking about moving to Canada?

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