Fall is in full swing in Michigan.

Noticed on the way into work this morning that fall is definitely in full swing. The trees on the drive in are starting to hit their peak colors and upper parts of the state have already received some snowfall. Sunrises have been particularly impressive as of late, but will go away for awhile when daylight savings time kicks in next weekend. The next weekend or so would probably be the best time to take a drive up north to catch the fall colors in all their glory. Temps have been an average of ten degrees cooler than normal for this time of year so I’m wondering if we’re in for a brutal winter.

Michigan’s fall foliage is not as famous as some other places like Maine, but I think nature puts on a pretty good show all things considered. Time to hit the cider mills for a hot mug full and some homemade donuts while browsing for the perfect pumpkins.

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