Everyone needs a little Vice in their lives.

Thought I’d let you guys get away without a Vice City related post, eh?

Turns out I got a phone call from the folks at GameStop yesterday around two minutes to 4PM letting me know that they were getting a shipment in around 7PM and if I wanted to come in early I could pick it up then. If? Can you believe they actually asked if I wanted to come in early to pick up my game? No, no, I had my heart set on waiting till midnight when I wouldn’t have any time left to play the damn thing. Of COURSE I wanted to come in early and get my game.

I was cool, though, when I got home I still helped Courtney carve her pumpkin into a fine looking Jack-O-Lantern before she headed to bed and gave my wonderful wife the option of maintaining control over the TV for as long as she wanted. Fortunately for me I think Anne sensed my impending self-immolation from anticipation about to set in and surrendered the TV after Courtney went to bed.

So I got to set in upon the game around 9PM last night and got enough playing in to make it to bed around 11:30PM feeling quite pleased. How is it? It’s everything I loved about GTA III and then some. I did a few of the early missions to get into how the game worked and then I settled down into exploring the map and figuring out what items I could launch the various vehicles off of. At first I was a little troubled as I couldn’t seem to find any long stretches of road to really open up the throttle on, but I soon located the long stretches of road and spent some time just seeing how many different ways I could launch my character off of his motorcycle after speeding headlong into various objects.

My favorite part of the first game was all the little ramps and jumps you could find scattered around the city that made for a very cinematic show whenever you hit them properly and VC doesn’t disappoint in this area. The placement of the ramps can be a lot more subtle in this game than the first one, however, and I found myself not realizing something was a jump the first several times I drove past it. For example, one of them is actually part of a parking structure that allows you to jump from the top of the structure to the roof of the building on the other side of the road. That one is not immediately obvious and I only found it because I was driving at insane speed at the time and launched off by accident. Three of the jumps I’ve found so far can only be done on the newly added motorcycles too.

In a nutshell this new version of GTA should keep me pretty occupied until Christmas.

7 thoughts on “Everyone needs a little Vice in their lives.

  1. I’m jealous.

    I want a PS2 Nooooowwwww.

    *stomps feet*

    Hope you have fun playing that silly game raspberry wink

    If you ever want to throw it away, I’ll be happy to take that and your PS2 to the dump wink

  2. *pats Zaldor on the shoulder*  There, there… that silly Vice City game is nothing to shed tears over. 

    Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have to run, before Les burns me at the stake for blaspheming in his post.  😀

  3. Nah, there’s lots of folks that don’t have GTA Fever. Poor, poor people. Anyway, it doesn’t bother me that some folks don’t get into the game. Just means more play time for me. grin

  4. People who don’t like GTA?  Inconcievable!  Oh wait.  Okay, yeah – those bible thumpers… and the church peoples… and umm.. the conservatives…  and those… ahhh… non-violent people… 

    But hey, they don’t matter!

    I’ve loved GTA since it first game out (#1)!

  5. Incidently Z, I thought I’d mention that there are some big rumors of another price drop on the PS2 coming up this November in time for the holidays. Debate rages on how likely it is as Sony is killing the market even at the current price, but it would be just like them to drop the price even when they don’t need to just to stick it to Microsoft and Nintendo that much harder so perhaps it’ll be a nice Christmas surprise?

  6. Hmmmm… If that’s true – it might be hard for me to resist….  I’m not much of a console player much anymore, but the PS2 is grabbing my attention!

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