Disturbing search engine queries…

It’s always interesting to look at the referrer log for my site and see what search terms brought people to my little corner of cyberspace. Some of the queries are a little more… disturbing than others. Some of them also make me wonder why that particular search engine thought this site would be a good match.

Take, for instance, the person who came here from Yahoo after searching for “photos of penis lifting objects”. Not sure if this is a request for tools for handling one’s penis without direct contact or if it’s a request for demonstrations by men of unusual weightlifting techniques. Either way I’m not sure I want to know for certain.

Then there’s the slightly more intelligible search for “download at your own risk jpg of Bush wanted for terrorism” that brought someone here from Google even though I don’t think I’ve ever mentioned such a picture here on the site. For that matter I don’t think I have any “sexy egyptian woman pics on the net” or “Bad things involving Thomas Jefferson” on this site either. Not that I’m opposed to sexy egyptian woman pics or bad things involving Thomas Jefferson, but I don’t recall talking about either recently. Lastly, I don’t think I’ve ever, ever mentioned the beleaguered Kurds before this point in time and yet someone got this site as a good spot for “gassing kurds pics”.

Ah, the wonders of modern technology, eh?

6 thoughts on “Disturbing search engine queries…

  1. the only reason why i am on this site is for educational purposes as i am studying media in college, i need information of when saddam hussein gassed his own people i.e pictures of the inflicted, i would be most grateful if you could help me

    Thank u

  2. Sure thing. That’ll be $100 per hour with a 4 hour minimum billing to start. I’d be happy to do your research for you as long as you’re willing to cough up some dough.

  3. This site is by far one of the most inspirational sites that I’ve seen. You have done oe of the best things for the internet when you created this site.thx kristen m/

  4. “Inspirational”?  Yes!  Les, I liken you to Chicken Soup For The Skeptics’  Soul!
    More heart-warming stories, please!

  5. If you want to know, google led me here when i plugged in the search terms “atheist search engine.”
    I have been trying to re-find the “lost chord”—some website I hit a while ago that showed graphically how the christian fish symbol derives from the vesica pisces yoni.
    If you know the URL I would certainly appreciate it, as all I had was a hard copy that I gave to a friend, who lost it.

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