“Critical Eye” coming soon to The Science Channel.

If you have digital cable and get Discovery’s Science Channel there’s a new series coming up soon called Critical Eye that I would encourage folks to watch. Particularly those people prone to believe in pseudo-science. Here’s their blurb on it:

This series hosted by William B. Davis (The X-Files-smoking man), looks into the science behind the paranormal, new age philosophies, and the unexplained.

The series will investigate 34 topics including, subliminal messaging, alien abduction, acupuncture, ghosts, astrology, exorcism, Stonehenge, near-death experiences, and the lost city of Atlantis. Each topic will be addressed by leading experts and scientists. These subjects will be brought to life through lively debate and extraordinary visuals in order to shed light on its scientific relevance.

The series is based on the small segments called The Skeptical Inquirer that the channel already runs in the few minutes between programs. Given the lack of critical thinking most Americans seem to put into any claims they come across I can’t be more pleased to see the folks at the Science Channel putting a series like this on the air.

Especially considering that with the trend of channels like Discovery and others to split up into multi-channel networks focused on a particular topic (like science) I’ve noticed a trend toward buying FOX Network “WHEN GOOD TIMES GO BAD” type shows and renaming them to something less sensationalist to fill up air time they don’t have any other programming for. Bad television shows with new names are still bad television shows. Especially when they promote and perpetuate ridiculous myths and beliefs.

I expect that Critical Eye probably won’t do all that well as pseudo-science tends to be very popular with Americans in general, but I have to give kudos to the Science Channel for at least giving it a shot.

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