Busy weekend, now back to work.

Didn’t get much of a chance to post over the weekend as I was playing the Social Butterfly for a change. Spent Friday night with Anne and my parents up at the Palace of Auburn Hills where Howie Mandel was performing live. Been awhile since I’ve seen any stand-up performed live so we all had a good time.

Saturday was spent hanging out with buddy Hairboy mainly playing Grand Theft Auto III endlessly trying to find new and amusing ways to do stupid things in the game.

Sunday Hairboy returned along with Eric to spend another afternoon eating pizza, playing GTA and working on getting Eric’s PC back into top form. Realizing that my own PC was having issues I spent the remainder of Sunday night re-staging it back to a clean build of XP and am quite pleased with the increase in performance.

So basically spent most of the weekend goofing off and didn’t even really touch my PC much until Sunday night. Hence no updates to the blog. The new week has started now so let’s see what kind of trouble we can get into…

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