Bush no more honest than Clinton, but public buys his story anyway.

While cruising around at FARK.com I came across a link to a MSNBC.com column by Eleanor Clift titled: Not the Un-Clinton After All. In it she points out that Bush really isn’t all that different than Clinton in terms of honesty or willingness to flip-flop on issues, but that the general public doesn’t really notice because most folks think he’s an idiot anyway and the media doesn’t want to mess up a good story.

But it’s not true that Bush is a man of his word. He has shimmied and shifted in lots of areas, including Iraq, manipulating language the way Clinton did and exaggerating in the same way that he once pilloried Gore for doing. Bush says “regime change” doesn’t have to mean deposing Saddam Hussein—that the regime would be changed if Saddam disarmed. This is rhetoric worthy of Clinton, and it doesn’t mean that Bush has altered fundamentally his commitment to displace Saddam through military force.

Even though there is no credible evidence linking the Iraqi president to the 9-11 attacks, Bush persists in suggesting on the campaign trail that Saddam might use Al Qaeda as his “forward army.” Polls show that two thirds of Americans believe Saddam was behind 9-11, a useful myth irresponsibly fed by Bush. The president said in a speech last month that Saddam is experimenting with unmanned drones capable of reaching the United States with weapons of mass destruction. When confronted with the geographical improbability of such a feat, a White House spokesman countered that the drones could be launched from ships. Unless Iraq has an aircraft carrier we dont know about, that scenario is equally implausible.

It doesn’t help that most Americans are, pretty much, total idiots themselves. Perhaps that’s the secret to Bush’s popularity? The idea that the great idiotic masses finally have “one of their own” running the show?

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  1. I dont understand why this man is so keen in creating problems. He does not have any clear evidence against the Iraqi president and he has failed misreably to convince other world leaders.
    But he is continuously spreading the message of an imminant war with Iraq.

    America is facing lots of problems at home. The gloomy economic climate, corporate scandals etc. What I feel is that Mr Bush knows his incapability in solving these issues and he is just trying to divert attention of the american public to the war against Iraq.

  2. its time the american public started to question their presidents motives (oil).  It never fails to amaze me how gulable the american masses really are, they actually beleive the bullshit they see on the movies, that america is good and that any one who opposes them or has a different way of life which they fail to comprehend or are just too lazy to learn about, are evil.

    it is this ignorance coupled with arogance which has brought about such anti american sentiment in the world to – day. And another thing since the americans have been the only nation to test nuclear weapons on innocent civilians (lets not forget heroshima)what gives them the right to posses nukes.

  3. I’ll be the first to admit that most Americans are pretty ignorant of what happens within their own country, let alone the rest of the world, but you can’t really force people to care either. As the old saying goes: You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink.

    At the same time, I don’t necessarily think most Americans think that any way of life outside of their own, or which they can’t understand, is inherently evil. Most Americans, I feel, are perfectly happy to let non-Americans continue to live in whatever manner they wish as long as it doesn’t impinge upon their (the American’s) lifestyle.

    Hiroshima wasn’t a test, it was a practical application. Good, bad or otherwise, it did hasten the end of World War II. What right do we have to possess them? We invented them. We’ve used them twice and have stuck to our promise not to use them again without due provocation. Does that give us the right? Debatable, but until someone is willing to come over here and take them away…

  4. Thank you for that well reasoned and informative bit of debate. Brave of you to leave your name as well.

    I’m no fan of Bush, but I won’t condemn everything he says or does because no matter how much I may not like his policies overall he’s not without his good points. Similarly, as much as I loved Clinton as President, there’s much I could complain about his time in office. I don’t expect everyone to agree with me on everything so I won’t paint Bush supporters with such a broad stroke. I’ll only call them idiots if they support his more, idiotic, policies. grin

  5. Here’s MY problem with G.W. Bush:

    He sounds like a stupid man. He can’t pronounce many words correctly (i.e. “nucular” for nuclear, etc). He constantly makes other incredibly stupid gramatical mistakes when speaking.

    He LOOKS stupid. Slouched over a podium while speaking, sometimes with one of his hands tucked in his pocket, he comes across as a sly, sleazy used-car salesman type. That bewildered SIMIAN look on his face is NOT very helpful either, poor guy.

    He IS stupid. He’s run us into the greatest deficit in our history, he openly engages in pre-emptive warfare (one of the original war-crimes charges brought against Nazi leaders during the Nurenburg trials!), he has occupied the White House on very dubious electoral grounds, he is involved in corporate corruption and insider trading.


  6. My mother went to high school with Don Rumsfeild at New Trier high school in Chicago.  I asked her what he was like…she said, he was a dumb jock.

    nuff said

  7. Hi;

      I just dumped my boyfriend for five years after he made the following remarks yesterday regarding the war issues:


    1)“The Americans are the smartest people in the world, and the rest are stupid because they simply can not see what a bad guy Saddam is…”

    2)“President Bush should take on North Korea and other bad countries as well…by dumping some more bombs on them because those countries belong to the “axis of the evil”…

    3)“We American have an obligation to bring our democracy to other countries like Iraq, and make it an example for the rest of the middleast region…”

        Talking about how ignorant, arrogant, self-rightous Americans can be, you can not beat the above remarks. My ex boyfriend is born and bred in a middle west town; has never set foot in any foreign countries, and yet, he made those remarks with all the self assurance and pride. I guess I do understand now why president Bush could ever be elected, being popular and maybe re-elected next year…God bless our country!

  8. I just have to get all of this off my chest…… I am sick and tired of all the bashing Real Americans have had to take since Bush has stolen the presidency….  I have yet to talk to some one, person to person that will even admit to me that they voted for Bush. I have complained, yelled, screamed this out and no one will admit that they even voted for him, except one brother of mine. First … before 9/11, there were things going on that many people don’t know about. I’m not talking about the criminal activities George W Bush did before becoming president. There are too many of those to even list. Cheating in Harvard,. Drunk driving, Stock fraud. Then we have the relationships that we are not privy to…. How his dad was friends with and sold most of the weapons of mass destruction to Saddam Hussein, the ones we are now fighting to get rid of…the ones that have been destroyed over the past few years the ones that will never be found because they never existed.  And how he grew up with being friends, and on and on…

    What I really want to get off my chest is the way the media, the government has really changed. We have many friends through out the world, won through the cold war, won because each of us has been fair; won because we developed rules to follow, won because we all played by the rules, and took care of each other. This is not the case now. ACCORDING TO THE LORD BUSH….. We can’t trust you, you don’t think like I do, We don’t want that rule because the president before me agreed to that. KATO???? I don’t know how to pronounce that so I don’t want to follow that rule. International law….. Well I just can’t do what I want so I don’t want this law. You don’t like my way of thinking then you must not be one of us….us… 

    Well Mr. Bush….. I am not one of you and I am proud of it. I care about the International Community. I care about our neighbors Canada and Mexico… Just because I do care does not mean that I am not American That I do not care about the troops fighting for your blood oil. I care about them and the innocent Iraq’s that are being killed…

    In summary, you have become the HITLER… You want to stifle me in my voice, in my choice of freedom, and you have made it more dangerous for me to travel, to see the world, to visit my friends in other countries.  AND made it even scary to even be me.

  9. Can someone here answer this one for me? Why Iraq can not have nuclear weapon? Seems to me that it is unfair that we have it, most of the European bullies have theirs, so do India, Pakistan and Isreal. Why do we pick on Iraq, Iran and North korea on that? The logic goes: nuclear weapon is supposed to work like containment, but if I was a small country like Iraq I would feel terribly unsecure and threatened by others who might attack me with it, so it is reasonable for Iraq to develop its own. Do I miss something here?

  10. The American President is someone who is, lets see how can I put this, REALLY REALLY STUPID!!!   
      His language skills are terrible! Too many to quote but just saying that brings at least 5 to my mind in a second.
      His geography and knowledge about countries he’s mostly dealing with(those in NATO) is very slim. An example: Canada is suppose to be the United States best friend, although when Bush was elected, Rick Mercer(a comedian) told Bush that PM “Poutine” was congratulating him, and that Bush was guy that “Poutine” wanted to win the election. Bush fell for it, he thanked PM “Poutine” for it and actually said “Poutine”. For those of you who don’t know, Canada’s PM at the time was Chretien, and a poutine is a type of food: Fries, Gravy and melted cheese. Quite good….
    Although Bush doesn’t need Mercer’s help to look like an idiot he is one and that is one of the facts that is internationally known, common knowledge all over the world.
    The war is his fault, the massive amount of people dying in Iraq(Americans, Mexicans, Canadian, British…) is his fault. He should’ve waited for the UN to finish their search, he should’ve believed the UN when they told him their were NO weapons of mass destruction, he should not have declared war.
    He is an egotistical, ignoramus, stupid idiot…
    There are a whole lot more negative things I could rant on about Bush, I think I’ll just stop here, for today.

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