Bruce Willis to do “Die Hard 4”

According to this news blurb over at Entertainment Weekly, Bruce Willis has agreed to do a fourth Die Hard movie in exchange for the use of a particular title FOX held the rights to for his next movie with Sony Pictures.

Personally, I enjoyed all three Die Hard films though the first is still the best. I wouldn’t mind seeing one more in the same way I wouldn’t mind seeing one more Indiana Jones movie, which is also coming in the future so it looks like I’m in luck.

2 thoughts on “Bruce Willis to do “Die Hard 4”

  1. I heard from a friend at 20th century fox who works in the special effects team for this movie, that the title of the movie will be DIE HARD: AGAINST ALL ODDS.
    The script is being reworked and yes, it will involve Mcclaine rescuing his daughter from terrorists.

  2. Confirmed: DIE HARD: AGAINST ALL ODDS will be the title for the last Die HArd adventure. Scheduled for release 2005. Bruce Willis Has signed an amazing $40million dolalr deal PLUS back end money!! This guy is set for life!!!

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