A nation of delusional hearing-aid wearers.

That’s what all these people with hands-free kits for their cell phones are starting to look like. I’ve noticed this odd trend that some people seem to think that once they buy a hands-free kit they have no reason to ever remove it from their ear. There’s got to be at least a half-dozen people in my building at work that walk around all day with a wire dangling from their ears mumbling into the mic about halfway down the cord. They remind me of the crazy old guy in my neighborhood when I grew up who had a hearing aid in his shirt pocket and was always arguing with the invisible beings that seemed to follow him everywhere. The difference being that many of the people at work have business suits on and have washed their faces more than once in the last week. This is much more disconcerting than seeing someone holding a cell phone to their ear while they walk around as at least in the latter situation you can tell immediately that they’re just being obnoxious and probably aren’t insane.

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