To be sick. Or not to be sick.

Wish my body would make up its mind one way or the other. I mentioned on Saturday that I woke with a stuffy nose and soreness in my neck under my chin, presumably due to the onset of some as then unknown illness. This morning my nose isn’t anywhere near as stuffy (I can breath through it) and the soreness in my neck is greatly reduced. So, am I sick or not? For the past couple of days I’ve not felt particularly sick, though I did have a hell of a headache and a minor fever later in the day Saturday. That lasted for a couple of hours and then went away and could easily have been from playing computer games for too long than any illness.

If I was sick then my immune system must have kicked some serious ass over the weekend. What is it about getting older that your illnesses seem to become less identifiable? Several months ago I suffered from uvulitis and now from stuffed-nose-and-sore-chin disease, neither of which seems to have had an obvious cause. Seems as I recall, in that vaguely foggy and slightly nostalgic way that adults tend to, that when I was a kid it was pretty clear-cut when I was ill. I felt completely miserable and you could fry an egg on my forehead. These days I wake up and part of me feels bad, but the rest of me shrugs and continues to feel just fine. I suppose it’s just a culmination of my horrifically unorganized way of life that my body can’t even get its act together and decide to feel poorly all at once.

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