This just in: Miss Universe is a spoiled bitch!

Say it ain’t so! How could this be?!? But it’s true, at least according to the folks at

The former Miss Russia, Oxana Federova, has been stripped of her Miss Universe title less than four months into her reign because she refused to fulfill the obligations of the title.

“She’s an unbelievable beauty, and an unbelievably spoiled bitch,” said one insider. “She doesn’t want to do anything.”

She’s friggin’ Miss Universe for chrissakes! She shouldn’t have to do anything! We should all bow down and submit to her every whim! Hmmm. Kinda makes me wanna run for Miss Universe myself….

2 thoughts on “This just in: Miss Universe is a spoiled bitch!

  1. i was miss universe once but then they found out that i was a man. this world is so cruel all ive ever wanted to be is a woman,(with facial hair) but i could neva afford gender re-ssignment. i even tried washing cars in a skimpy pink bikini and tried to be on Jessica Simpsons new film clip but i wasn’t skinny enough (my beer gut wasn’t that big). this world has left me in tatters it has never given me anything for my beautiful body i think im quite hot considering im 84!!!! bring it on!!

  2. Life is full of small disappointments like that sometimes. Just gotta suck it up and keep on moving forward.

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