There are days I worry about that boy.

I love reading Bottom Dwelling [dot] com but occasionally I get a little worried:

Have you ever, in the wee hours of the morning, whilst sleep is playfully batting your brain around, dreamed of one Disney character sneaking up on another Disney character, grabbing him by the throat and plunging a sword through his neck? Or how about forsaking the sword altogether and just bashing his victim against a stone wall until his neck snaps. Or maybe you could just flash the sword between his legs as a joke and when he looks down, flip him over, hop on his chest and try for the neck break. If you, like me, have woken up with visions like this dancing on the back of your eyelids, then The Mark of Kri is for you.

No, no, I can’t say I’ve ever had dreams like that. I can’t recall the last time I had a dream with Disney characters in it, actually. My weird dreams deal with giant boots and rampaging pickles. Don’t ask.

The game does look pretty good though.

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