The simple joy of mail order catalogs.

Does anyone else out there get as goofy about mail order catalogs as I do? Not all of them, just certain ones. I’m particularly fond of the one we get periodically from the folks at Brylane Home, a company that mainly sells some of the most beautiful bedroom related stuff I’ve ever seen. They specialize in comforters, sheets, curtains, and small miscellaneous furniture items like night tables and wall hangings that all match as part of a set. We already have one of their sets based on the celestial design (sun, moon, stars) that we partly received as a gift from my wonderful mother-in-law (comforter and sheets) and partly bought ourselves (curtains). At some point in time I want to also get their Dynasty Set. This is one of my favorite mail order catalogs to get even if we don’t buy from them very often.

Around about this time of year it always seemed like my mother would receive a flood of mail order catalogs in anticipation of the holiday season and there were several I always enjoyed looking at. One of the ones I always thought was kind of neat was the catalog from Lillian Vernon. Not because it had particular useful or nice things in it, but because it always got my Christmas groove going early on with a section devoted to holiday items. I can’t think of a single thing I’ve ever bought from this company, but I’d sit for a good hour or so with the catalog when it first arrived and dream about all the useless knick-knacks I’d buy to decorate my house with around the holidays. The light up candy cane stakes for along the driveway, the copper votive candelabrum for the dinner table, the lighted Santa’s sleigh ride for the mantelpiece and so on and so forth.

There are others such as Wireless which helped to support public radio and television, but I’m not sure if they’re still around. The old URL to their site now takes you to the website for Target Stores. Some of the catalogs contained very cheesy items that I wouldn’t buy in a hundred years and others were for products that if you were to buy very many of them would cause massive weight gain you’d spend the rest of your life trying to work off. All of them signaled the start of fall and the approaching holidays for me which always made going back to school a little easier to take. I don’t buy much from them, but I love getting mail order catalogs. Anyone else out there like that?

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  1. yes, I love ordering out of catalogs. but i cant seem to find any i dont already have. if you know of any funny,stupid ones let me know. thank you.

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