Sunday Mornings…

It’s Sunday. Traditionally the day of respite and repast, yet it has never seemed that way to me. Sunday has always had a bit of a tense edge in my life. In part because it’s the last day of the weekend before returning to work or school and all the responsibilities those endeavors require. On the one hand it feels like a last chance to enjoy oneself and on the other it feels like I should be doing something to prepare for the coming onslaught of the weekdays. I always wake with this odd sense of ambiguity on Sundays and it’s the hardest day of the week to get me to stick to plans on. Terribly frustrating and irritating to my wife, I’m sure, who has always been a good organizer and planner. The tenseness of the day leaves me a tad bit irritable so I usually find this is the day I am most likely to withdraw into my own internal world deeper than I normally would. It’s not uncommon for me not to want to do anything other than fiddle with my computer on Sundays. I tend to be most frustrated creatively on Sundays as well.

Is it any wonder it’s my least favorite day of the week?

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