Sci-Fi channel cans Farscape.

Just read over at Sci Fi Wire that one of the best science fiction programs to grace the small screen will not be returning to the Sci-Fi Channel after the end of it’s fourth season in January.

The SCI FI Channel confirmed that it will not pick up its original series Farscape for a fifth season. “There are no bigger fans of Farscape than we here at SCI FI Channel,” the network said in a statement. “It was one of SCI FI’s first original series and quickly became a critical and fan favorite. Unfortunately, despite our best efforts to reach a broader audience, Farscape has been unable to grow beyond its core fan base. That, coupled with the extreme and growing cost of production, has led to the difficult decision to end the series at the conclusion of season four.”

Now would be an excellent time for the struggling WB or UPN networks to step in and pick up an excellent series.

1 thought on “Sci-Fi channel cans Farscape.

  1. Best. Science. Fiction. Show. Ever.

    Even though this season has been a little weak, with a bunch of over-the-top one-shot episodes that added nothing to the FarScape continuity, it’s not enough to cancel the show. The last two episodes showed that Kemper and O’Bannon had at least gotten things back on track. It’s curious to me how a network like Sci-Fi could drop the only quality show they have. What do they have left? Schlocky 70s sci-fi movies and Robin Cook’s Invasion featuring Luke Perry? Seems like they’re shooting themselves in the foot.

    BTW, Les, nice new design. Clean and readable, I like it a lot.

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