Ottawa lets it all hang out. Literally.

Saw this over at the network. Apparently all it takes to get people in Ottawa to let you photograph their private parts is some free pizza.

Would you wait in line for three hours in the blazing hot sun so a complete stranger could take pictures of your genitals? How about if free pizza was thrown in to sweeten the deal?

Well at least 150 people from Ottawa, ranging in age from 18 to 75, did just that yesterday afternoon for Ottawa’s Sex With Sue, Sue McGarvie. The photos were taken for two episodes of Ms. McGarvie’s new television series, which she hopes will air sometime in the new year.

“We have a penis show and a vagina show,” Ms. McGarvie said after a long hard day of talking to exhibitionists. “Whenever you see a whole bunch of penises and a whole bunch of vaginas you are bound to say, ‘Oh, that’s what they look like.’”

I don’t know about most Canadians, but I already had a pretty good idea of what they looked like without the aid of a TV show. But, if nothing else, those Canadians sure are a friendly people.

1 thought on “Ottawa lets it all hang out. Literally.

  1. those Canadians sure are a friendly people

    From what I’ve heard, crime is much lower, people don’t lock their doors, and yes they are much friendlier. Low paranoia & anxiety. They may be on to something. As for Ottawa’s Sex With Sue I see it as desensitization- Getting rid of the snicker factor, removing the prudish puritanical em bare ass ment(ality) of just plain ordinary body parts.

    Participants probably felt they were doing a public service. Why not get a pizza for helping educate minds? OTOH Some people will do just about anything for free handout.

    I suspect that if all men and women had the same genitalia(hermaphrodite) that genitals would never have been considered private parts.

    I know this is an old topic, but it caught my eye.

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