Old Marvel cartoon theme songs.

Wow, talk about having big time flashbacks to childhood. Stopped by fellow Michigan blogger short fat guy’s site and spotted an entry on old theme songs to cartoons based on various Marvel super hero shows. Much like SFG, I grew up watching the same incredibly crappy shows on WXON channel 20 here in the Detroit area as if it were a minor religion. Probably goes a long way toward explaining my behavior as an adult. Anyway, for those of you who enjoy inflicting painful childhood memories on yourselves in the name of nostalgia, SFG has put together a small Real Audio (blech!) slide show of the old themes with pics of their associated shows. You will, of course, need to have some form of Real Audio (blech!) player installed to check it out.

5 thoughts on “Old Marvel cartoon theme songs.

  1. i think the worst was the captain america one. “when captain america throws his mighty shield, all who see that shield must yield” or some shit like that.

  2. Even worse:  “All those who chose to oppose his shield must yield.”

    Truly, truly lame.  Even lamer is the fact that I can recall those words.

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