Must be fall, I’m on the virge of illness.

Woke up this morning with a stuffy nose and a couple of tender spots under the chin. Pretty good indications that I’m about to catch another bout of the martian death-flu or something similar. Suppose that means I should enjoy myself while I’m still able to stand and make ready by stocking up for a self-induced NyQuil coma at some point. I figured it would happen sooner or later as lots of people have been wandering around work lately with red eyes and hoarse voices and touching their keyboards is part of the job of being a PC Systems Admin so it was a matter of time before one of them had a bug strong enough to get past my immune system. Oh well, being sick just reminds one of how good it feels to not be sick. Or some other pseudo-feel good baloney that you always say when you can’t do anything about something you don’t want to have happen…

1 thought on “Must be fall, I’m on the virge of illness.

  1. Sorry your feeling bad.  I guess you’ve been caught by the “Bad Habits”  bug.  As a memeber of the teaching profession, constantly reminding the small ones to cover there mouths while spewing out thousands of germs is a dialy occurance.  I wish they would not share those little evil germs, but they do.  So do most Adults!!!! It amazes me some times while in public to see people sneeze or cough and not take precaution to stop the sharing of the germs they spew out of there body!!  Most people don’t take time to wash their hands, and then proceed to touch everything with the hands of “death”.

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