Lifestyles of the poor and famous.

Sometimes it really pays to be poor. Down in good old Austin Texas at least. Seems some lady down there by the name of Cindy Brettschneider has a $335,000 house that has a bad mold problem, which she is allergic to so she’s trying to sell it. While she’s waiting for it to be sold, however, she’s allowed a local homeless cross-dresser by the name of Leslie to live in the home rent free. Leslie, it appears, is a bit of a local celebrity for hanging out in downtown Austin in front of One American Center in little more than a thong and various mini-skirts and occasionally running for the office of Mayor. Cindy befriended Leslie during the taping of her public access TV show Dialogues About Homelessness. The neighbors in this upscale neighborhood are not amused:

So how do the neighbors enjoy seeing a guy in a mini wandering about the yard? “Oh, the neighbors say, `Hey Leslie, it’s so good to see you living in the neighborhood,’ ” Leslie said. “The neighbors are glad I’m there. It’s like they got a celebrity in the neighborhood.”

For her part, Cindy says the next-door neighbors hate Leslie being there and have called authorities to try to get him removed. “I don’t like them, so it delights me that Leslie is driving them nuts,” she added.

Cindy says she asked Leslie to conform to West Lake Hills fashion by dressing more conservatively with longer skirts, “or skirts at least that are different from a thong.”—Austin American-Statesman

Hey, I don’t see what her neighbors are complaining about. I mean everyone talks about getting the homeless off of the streets, but how many of them actually do something about it? I found this article particularly amusing in light of the fact that my full first name is “Lesley” and I have a sister with a first name of “Cindy”.

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  1. Hey, I just came across this today.  Thanks for the kind words!

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