Lazlow will return in GTA: Vice City.

It’s been confirmed by the folks at, my favorite talk radio DJ from GTA III will be returning in GTA: Vice City.  Set 20 years previous to GTA III, Lazlow will be a young DJ for station Vrock as opposed to his gig as a talk jock in GTA III. Also returning will be Toni as DJ for Flash FM and Fernando as DJ for Emotion 98.3. Now the question is: Will they also make an appearance on the 7 soundtracks due to be released with the game?

Oh, and word has it the official website will be getting a major update later this evening.

10 thoughts on “Lazlow will return in GTA: Vice City.

  1. lazlow is a gay jackass the real DJ to listen to is super rockin Mr. Magic Vrock sucks… I personally listen and enjoy all kinds of rock and roll from classic to modern and the stuff on that radio sucks ass…. thank you for your time………………………………………………………………VCROCK SUX ASS

  2. I think Lazlow is great. I like the way he speaks. Not how the sound of his voice is, but how he reacts when people say stupid things. I especially like that part on VROCK when Snow Dog comes on and talks about how he’s going to put up black trash bags for wall paper. I perfer VCPR and K-CHAT but out of all Super Butt whatever
    Mrs. Magic is lame (r is it Mr. Magic?. Ahh,, That Maurice…

  3. laslow is cool, i got tired of him in gta 3 but in vc he is allot better, the funniest part is when big mich baker says hes gonna shove that sissy soft rock crap so far down his throat that he is gonna be crappin hair bands till christmas, so all that lazlow says is simply ok…….. that was hilarious!! and i like all of the radiostations in vc except emotion, yuuuukkk!

  4. Rock dont suit lazlow, but he’s real gud at combining the story line wth the stations, and between the 2 games.  He wrote the adverts!

  5. Lazlwo sucks(not in gta3) Dj Magic sucksall them suck but not VCPR. all the reas suck ass. VCPR is is the best. and wave 103 that is cool too

  6. Lazlow is awsome! Its funny the ay he reacts to people when they say dumb things! I liked the part in the old gta3 when that guy was talking about going naked and lazlow said some pretty funny things about it 😀 wave is good and i hate emotion 🙁

  7. lazlow was awesome i love listening to him. i play all the gta games and i love gta3 the the cradits it says that lazlow is ‘himself’ and not an actor playing a dj. i want to know what station hes on. hes so funny. im a big fan.

  8. iam the founder of reapers war this band will soon see the day of light and i will bring the good name of lazlow too life dont believe me find out in 2010 or earlier whatever i dont care reapers war will debut with a album called let freedom die

  9. Lazlow rocks, on chatterbox he is cool and on V-rocks too!!

    Did some lissen to KCHAT the last days it’s awefull

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