GTA: Vice City to get not one, but seven soundtracks.

While perusing for my daily fill of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City news for no good reason other than I like to torture myself, I cam across the following article on GTA: Vice City Soundtracks over at In it was revealed that Sony and Rockstar Games will be going all out and releasing 7 different soundtrack albums for the upcoming game. Each soundtrack will contain music used on each of the 7 radio stations in the game.

“The Grand Theft Auto franchise has always broken the boundaries of what videogame soundtracks can be, and Rockstar Games, along with Sony Music and Epic Records, have set a new standard with Grand Theft Auto: Vice City,” stated Terry Donovan, COO of Rockstar Games. “The Grand Theft Auto: Vice City soundtrack albums will arguably represent the most diverse, extraordinary and innovative collection of music ever assembled for any piece of entertainment—whether it be video games, television or feature films. Every track was lovingly and laboriously chosen to reflect the vast array of ‘80s musical styles and create the perfect audio landscape for Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.”

The thought of having to buy 7 soundtracks was a little disturbing until I realized that this meant that I could avoid all that yucky heavy metal crap I’ve never cared for anyway by simply not buying that particular disc. A better idea than I first realized.

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