Greek parliament admits to being stupid.

Good buddy Eric dropped me a note about recent events in Greece where lawmakers have effectively banned video games from the country. All of them, of every kind. The reason? To stop online gambling and because Parliament basically admitted that they couldn’t tell the difference between a gambling video game and games like The Sims.

The Greek parliament took the unusual—and highly reactive—step of banning anyone from playing or owning any form of electronic games. The law, which goes by the name of Law Number 3037 in Greece, went into effect at the end of July and was passed in an attempt to stop online gambling. It applies to arcade games, PC games, console games, handheld games, and even cell phones with embedded games. The law applies everywhere, not just in public places. In fact, the law is so unusual and far reaching that many have cried “Internet hoax” when reading about it.

Anyone convicted of violating the new law can be fined 5,000 – 75,000 euros and imprisoned for up to 12 months. Already two Internet caf owners have been arrested and face trial on September 10, and the trials are being viewed as an important test of the law’s validity. Meanwhile, many arcades have reportedly been shut down by authorities.—

This law was passed in July, but word of it is just starting to hit various gaming websites (or at least the ones I tend to pay attention to) and already the courts in Greece have responded by throwing out the cases against the two Internet Cafs mentioned above.

A court in Greece has thrown out the case against two internet caf驩 owners accused of breaking a law banning computer games.

The ruling is the first of its kind in Greece and sets the courts on a collision course with the state.

Legislation passed in July banned people from playing video games in public places like internet cafs as part of a drive to stamp out illegal gambling.

The law has been criticized for not making a distinction between interactive gambling and computer games.

The court, in its ruling, said the law was unconstitutional.—BBC News

So it looks like it’s headed for a showdown. Perhaps they can settle their differences with a best 2 out of 3 set of Counter-Strike.

58 thoughts on “Greek parliament admits to being stupid.

  1. …The hell??? They’ve gone mad. At least the courts are recognizing the rather glaring problems inherent in developing laws that are sweepingly general.

    Although, keeping it as broad as it is now would alleviate the problem of folks playing solitaire in the office instead of working. Hee. *grin*

  2. Reply 2 all (especially PT):
    If you don’t like Greece then don’t come U cheap tourists. And, PT, try writing in French or something because English is not your best! Your web site sucks! And if u come back in Greece, let as “poor” Greek people know, so we can arrange a “rich” and “warm” welcome-party (u French-colony assholes). Fuck u all!!! @

  3. I have been with a greek for 5 years. From experience with him and his family, i can say that greeks are total womanizers, liars, and cannot be trusted. they are all assholes and expect some type of red carpet from americans.  fuck em all. and i hate my husband.

  4. & for your info stupid assholes, they didnt ban every kind of videogame.
    They only banned machines that can have hidden gambling programs in public stores that dont have a license to have that kind of machines.
    They didnt ban internet-cafes or playing videogames @ home or @ shops which have the proper license.
    Make a little research before sharing your bullshit theories & opinions.
    & Jenn, we hate u & your fellow-americans too & we fuck U all.
    U r nothing more than a parasite nation to this world.
    & when u drain all resources u start a war to cover your stupidness.
    FUCK U ALL, we shit on u!!!

  5. I think the only people in Greece who have internet access are 13 year olds with potty mouths? Man, I never thought about what I thought about Greeks before I wandered onto this thread, but is there anything to recommend?

    “FUCK U ALL, we shit on u!!!”

    Is that a Prince song or something?

  6. It’s so sad that the ‘texting’ disease has spread to Greece now as well. Is there no where left in the world where people don’t type like total idiots?

  7. Apparently memoric didn’t get it all out of his system 3 years ago so he had to come back and vent some more. I wonder if it took him all that time to think of something more intelligent to say.


  8. Is there no where left in the world where people don’t type like total idiots?

    Can’t speak for the rest of the world but this ‘disease’ is a full blown epidemic in India. However judging from 419 spam it has not yet spread to Africa. The 419ers do type like total idiots but at least it’s not in texting language.

  9. The 419ers do type like total idiots but at least it’s not in texting language.

    Sorry if I am not in the know but what is a 419er.  I am ignorant it seems of any pop culture reference.  Suffice to say I know much more about PDA agar cultures than this “texting”.  Maybe I should, since it seems my generation is the source of this.

  10. Psychro: Sorry if I am not in the know but what is a 419er.

    So I had to look it up.
    Apparently it’s all to do with the Advance Fee Fraud and more specifically the Nigerian Letter scam (notice religion doesn’t get a mention on the list of scams).
    Interesting to note this scam was first reportedly used in 1588 and known as the Spanish Prisoner.
    It’s called a 419 scam, named for the section in the Nigerian criminal code for this sort of financial malfeasance.”

  11. Man, I never thought about what I thought about Greeks before I wandered onto this thread, but is there anything to recommend?

    Sure.  I was on Corfu last summer, and Samothraki about twenty years ago, and had a great time.  Of course there are unpleasant Greeks too, but most of the people I dealt with were open and friendly, especially if you made an attempt to speak their language.

  12. Well, do u c y I call u americans stupid?
    All u had to say was about my attitude, nothing about the faulse accusations & my answer to them.
    So, once again (thus u have something to talk about):
    FUCK U ALL, we shit on u!!!
    (not Prince’s but memoric’s song © 2004)

  13. μεμορικ- εφχαριστο πολη for illustrating my point about unpleasant Greeks.  Everyone else- believe me, most Greeks are great.  Two of my best friends here in Vienna are Greek, and I’ll never forget the kindness my family and I experienced in Greece.  Of course there are kind people, and assholes, in every country.

  14. I don’t think all Greeks are represented by the likes of Mr. Memoric 2000 up there. I don’t know a lot of Greeks, but the ones I do know all seem like pretty nice people to me.

    At the least they put up with my bad joke about gyro’s being a “well balanced meal”.

  15. Wtf is your problem people?
    Ok, memoric used tough language, but you attacked Greeks first.
    Beside that, don’t you see his arguments?
    You only saw the bad words?
    At least he has some, but from you the only thing I saw was bad attitude and calling names.
    You don’t like when somebody’s calling names at you ah?
    Then YOU shouldn’t have started it at first place.
    And Zilch, plz, don’t EVER try that again!
    Don’t writeGreek if you have NO idea what you are writing.
    “μεμορικ- εφχαριστο πολη” means something like “memorik- I wiss city”, or something.. dunno.
    Anyway, if you have something else to say about Greeks rather than using isolated examples
    that fit your “purposes”, like memoric or whoever, plz do so.
    Till then you are NO better than memoric.
    And memoric, μην παίζεις το παιχνίδι τους dude.
    Don’t play their game by giving them something to talk about.
    It looks like they “keep” whatever they like.
    And since they are the majority here you won’t find your right, even if you were talking like
    St.Peter or something. :p

  16. Anothergreekguy – χαλαρώνω, ποιόσ εσφαλμένοσ συν δακτυλογραφία ελληνικόσ?

    ελευθερία του λόγοσ!

  17. What point are you making, AnotherGreekGuy? Memoric never had any arguments. He attacked PT for saying Greeks suck. That’s fine – they duked it out. Then 3 years passed., and Memoric comes back to troll. It’s very strange.

    The article got the issue right; it’s a prohibition on all electronic gaming to prevent illegal gambling. The article was never an attack upon Greeks (though commenters have their own agendas), and this site has no particular agenda other than whatever we feel like talking about at the time (thread drift included). We don’t ““keep” whatever [we] like”, and we’re not some majority, since the only ruling party here is the guy that owns and runs the server (bald guy in the top corner), and he’s rarely deleted any comment or banned any poster.

    Giving people something to talk about is sorta the point of a discussion thread. But if you don’t want to make civil discussion, that’s fine. This thread seems saturated with drive-by flamers, and I can’t blame you for thinking badly of the place if this thread is your only exposure to the site. But I encourage you to look around; you might find much more to your liking elsewhere on the site.

  18. AnotherGreekGuy- you’re right, I should have said “ευχαριστώ πολύ”.  Sorry about my terrible Greek spelling- I did that from memory.  But if you tell everyone who makes a spelling error to “never try that again”, no one is going to be much interested in learning your language.

  19. Wtf is your problem people?

    Nothing like the size of your problem you silly wanker. Grow the fuck up. Your funny puppet Moronic was masturbating in public. Some decided to call him on it. Then Stoopid decided to enter the game.
    You’re Greek. Big deal, All the world’s MEN know all Greeks are gay … from Plato on. It’s a cross you gotta learn to bear with pride – no one can convince the world’s MEN you are not gay. You better learn to suck cos we’re coming.

    no one is going to be much interested in learning your language.

    Yeah, be like those arrogant knuckle-fucking French fuckers – if you can’t get it right the first time and learn to swallow we’ll send you to NZ and blow you up in a Rainbow Warrior … a second time.
    Jeez I resent sharing my air with knuckle-draggers from Greece; the historical home of the hysterical homo. (7 outa 10 !! I reckon that almost worked LOL)

  20. The kid was going into hyper(bolic)-space – I thought I’d do some burnouts and join him.
    I can crazy with the best of them.

    I’m also getting lazy; if I go for the jugular straight off it’ll save me a coupla moves later.

  21. I understand your frustration, LuckyJohn. At the same time, I wouldn’t have pegged you as the type to slander homosexuality in order to make a point.

  22. I wouldn’t have pegged you as the type to slander homosexuality in order to make a point.

    Whatever works, I guess. As one might figure, I’m no politician. Besides, LJ’s occasional (inconsistent) brashness adds a little variety to the mix. We can’t all be eloquent and well-reasoned smile

  23. Whatever works does sound more flexible than blind principle, which can be restrictive but i myself havnt been able to fully eliminated all yet, particularly w/o full assesment of situation

  24. I guess it just took me a bit off guard, especially since AGG doesn’t seem like someone to get especially bothered by. But then, I can’t speak for others.

  25. Sadie: I wouldn’t have pegged you as the type to slander homosexuality in order to make a point.

    I wouldn’t normally but nations where the majority of men (and many of their women) wear moustaches are especially sensitive about their masculinity – I was looking for a button; homosexuality in ancient Greece was an accepted part of Kultcha – it wasn’t frowned on like the Roman church programmed xianity to believe; I did think about going there; I too would have picked me up on it.

  26. Bahamat:
    Lol, I honestly have NO idea what you are
    trying to say. I only got that about “freedom
    of speach”(?).

    Allow me to use 1 of your posts:
    “The irony is almost too much to bear.”

    No man, you are wrong. The aricle is about
    banning ANY type of electronic gaming:
    “The Greek parliament took the unusual—and
    highly reactive—step of banning anyone from
    playing or owning any form of electronic
    games…”, something which is not true and
    memoric (and me) tried to explain (and THAT was
    memoric’s argument, if you didn’t get it).
    For the rest you are right, I didn’t check the
    rest of the site and maybe I should. But I
    wasn’t supposed to be here either. I don’t
    even remember what I was looking for when I
    ended up here :p

    smile Now you got it right!
    I didn’t mean it the way it sounds. “…don’t
    EVER try that again!” was more like a joke.
    Afterall my english are not THAT good either…

    LOL man, what are you talking about???
    What gays have to do with anything we
    talked about here (Greeks, English,
    Australian or whoever)? Anyway, can
    you get us 1 OFFICIAL, historically
    proof (a link, a book e.t.c.)
    that Πλάτωνας was gay and then we can
    discuss that too. The rest of what you
    said means nothing (at least to me),
    they are only dirty words from
    a “dirty” man(?).
    P.S. Πλάτωνας, Αριστοτέλης, Σωκράτης
    and so many more were men that offered SO
    many things to humanity that neither
    me, nor you, not anyone are worthy to
    judge them EVEN IF they were gay.

    Well, that was all from me, you probably won’t
    see me anymore since that discussion seems
    to lead nowhere. I’m sorry if I offended anyone
    and I forgive everyone that might have
    offended Greeks (yea, you too LuckyJohn19.
    I guess it’s not your fault that you are that sick).

    Afterall, "Πας μη Έλλην βάρβαρος".

    (Sorry for the looong text smile)

  27. Er, sorry guys for the stupidity of the particular two Greeks above. We cannot claim being stupid-free wink Anyway, the government acted like fools causing problems to internet cafe owners till the situation got normal again; all because of a populist journalist who thought illegal gambling was the greatest of our problems. Don’t ask me why would anyone feel the need to defend that.

    The response of AnotherGreekGuy (and his misquoting) shows that his mindset could use some improving. In that regard LJ19 was successful. Moustache wearing has been out of fashion since a couple decades btw. Have a nice day everyone.

    P.S. Ziltch, don’t be discouraged. Wahrscheinlich kennt er gar kein Deutsch, oder?

  28. I’m not discouraged, Alex.  I probably won’t ever get much further in Greek than “Ένα ελληνικό καφέ παρακαλώ”, but it’s amazing how much friendlier people are when you make the effort to say a few words in their language.  We might be going back to Corfu this summer- if we do, I’ll try to pick up a couple more phrases.

  29. Θέλετε να επιστρέψετε στη θέση μου, αναπήδηση αναπήδησης

    It actually says (if Babelfish is correct) ‘Bounce’. Perhaps Greeks Bounce, but are not in themselves very bouncy?

  30. i didn’t read what people have been posting so far, i just saw “greece sucks” and i was like fuck yeah!! it does suck!! so id like to give my 2 cents if i may…well, im a half greek, half canadian male with light brown hair and brown eyes..(dad is greek mom is canadian).. iv lived in greece since i was 7. i spent 3 years in toronto canada from the ages 20-23.. i am now 26.. and the funny thing is!!!… im still seen as a foreigner in this rotten country… the people here are very fucking racist and will judge you just by the colour of your hair, skin tone and accent, its incredible… if you dont have black hair and dark skin in this country, you’re pretty much an albanian in every fucker, and bitches eyes. (so non dark, black haired men, dont expect to get any sex from greek girls if you so happen to visit in the summer, stick to the english, german,sweedish and slavic ones. wink bless them…if it werent for them, and my 3 years spent in toronto canada, i would 100% be a vicious rapist of greek women only)…now, to get back to my point, to be an albanian in greece is somewhat like what being a black person must of been like back in americas infamous days of slavery. they get the worst jobs, worst houses, worst reputation ect.. i remember when greece won the 2004 european cup and everyone was celebrating down town in the streets of athens, there were lots of albanians there too who were celebrating for the greeks victory… nice gesture right??? well the greeks saw fit to return the favor to our albanian friends by roaring out ” den tha gineis ellinas pote albane!!!!” which translates into ” you will never become a greek albanian”. they roard more saying about foreigners in general too.. seeing all of this happening that night reminded me of my years in toronto. i remembered, the danforth which im sure all greeks know by now. danforth is a big part of down town toronto that was developed for the greeks who had left their shitty country in hope of better luck. there, greeks would find products from their native land, resturaunts, clubs with lame greek music, and just about everything you would find in greece.. that is how greeks are welcomed abroad by civilized people, no spray paint saying “foreigners get out” there…. do you see the difference?? big difference in how greeks welcome foreiners, WOULDNT YOU SAY??? . the rage and disgust i felt for my half greek blood that night was unreal.. another funny thing about this ass backward culture is that, these slimy backstabbing fucking greeks depend on tourism as their number 1 source of income, so why is it then that they are xenophobes, and racists. all over athens you can see ” foreigners get out” and a bunch of other “welcome signs” written with spray paint.. if thats not biting the hand that feeds, then what the fuck is??…. another thing that really pisses me off is that, well, when i lived in toronto for 3 years, i used to get pussy frequently guys.. the girls liked me, my brown hair and my fair skin there… and in the summer times i get sex from tourists who also complement my looks!!.. greek girls though, want nothing to do with me or any of my foreign friends!! ( one is british, 2 australians, a german, 2 yugoslavians and a dude from the dominican republic)…so my question is,  why the fuck are you foreign women so crazy about greek men?? these guys are fucking shallow losers that live with their parents till they get married at 40! useless fuckers!! they lie so much to you ladies and you swallow it all up! and ask for more… they act so romantic and kind around you but then they laugh about fucking some stupid foreign bitch in the ass with their sexually depraved friends. apart from that greek women want NOTHING to do with foreign men so why the fuck let things be so unbalanced?? its in your hands to change that… just remember that… well , i can go on forever about this shitty country… i got some stuff out today… and i must admit that i do feel a little better. thanks for making this “greeks suck” column man… i dont know what this lame ass country did to piss you off, but know one thing.. greeks are glad you had a bad experience in greece, because they dont want to see your foreign ass in their country again.. thats just the way the dogs are…

  31. “A half greek guy” let me see if I got it right. You have a bad opinion about Greeks and Greece alltogether because you couldn’t get any girl to have sex with? And because of the opinion that Greeks have about Albanians who are responsible for the 80% of the crimes (maybe more) in Greece? Well if this is so then άντε γαμήσου και εσύ και οι φίλοι σου και ναι, δεν θέλουμε να ξαναδούμε τον ανοιχτόχρωμο κώλο σου εδώ. Επίσης μη θεωρείς τον εαυτό σου Έλληνα, αυτή είναι μια τιμή που την έχουν μόνο όσοι έχουν 2 γονείς Έλληνες, ψηφίζουν και/ή μένουν Ελλάδα. So you are the lame and don’t think that we didn’t understand that you have nothing to do with Greece. You pretend to be Greek (or half Greek or whatever) just to make your mud-talk seem more reliable(?). We have nothing with foreigners, tourists or whoever, as long as they don’t do shity things (like getting drunk all the time and smashing foreign property, a scenery repeated every summer in all of our islands). And to end this pointless discussion, do you want to come to Greece? Do so. Don’t you want it? Then don’t come. As for the rest, opinions are like asses, everyone has one…

  32. Hey LuckyJohn (the overstatement of the century,being an Aussie and calling yourself “lucky”),
    What´s happening “mate”? Is it that you realised all of the sudden that you desent from British outcasts & prisoners,does it bother you that much that we gave civilisation to the whole of the world (even to sheep hearders like you),could it be that being “down-under”,far from the culture of Europe,gives you a headache,or that your society has become too lagerlout-like, or is it simply lack of sex?
    “Beware of the Greeks faring gifts!” (specially “big ones” for you,you ignorant!)

  33. yoo u ppl need jesus and i dont mean the greek ppl all u fukin bums that have no lives like deadass iam in school and chilling and typed up greek ppl suk as a joke and WOWWWWWW get lives but still i sit back and laugh because u try to talk shit thats not tru and to wat extent? flexing ur internet muscle lol dont fool urself ur all pussy and ill fuk u all up with my left nut while my right ones in ur mouth and i honestly dont kno wat iam saying but fuck it u guys ARE SOOOO PUSSSY its not even funny comming up with this raciest shit but hey its all good that never stops nobody and while u sit there hating and writing comments all ur doing is falling for ur own propaganda that ur tough which is rele cute (p.s mother fuckers i have family in greece that own internet cafes and they say there surprised how much bullshit this is )and also all u can rele say about greek ppl is that they were gay let me clear this by saying back then EVERYONE HAD SEXUAL relations with EVERYTHING not only same sex because they had to have sex so in battle they didnt have to think about it so basicly they were relieving themselves they didnt love one another they love the woman but if u stupid ass “quick to judge” bitches would TAKE TIME TO LEARN WAT U DONT UNDERSTAND and also lesbians were orginated in greece so while ur beating off to some dumb porn shit since u ppl have no lives thank the greek for that shit.all in all ur all fucked up in the head and need jesus or some religon in ur lives but there is one race THE HUMAN RACE so dont be quick to say shit becauseeee lets not starttt with the shit THAT U HAVE cuz greek ppl compared some other ppl (the negative ppl out there) are normal and doing wat they do so who are u? honestly dont focus on our problems focus on yours and like i said there only one race the human race and were all in this together.P.S I SHOULDVE USED A CONDOM ON UR MOTHERS OR IF UR OLDER OR HAVE SISTERS UR KIDS OR SIBLINGS MIGHT BE HALF GREEK CUZ OF ME lol that might be a little cold but watever u suk in life lol soo0 say wat u want iam just gonna look and laugh at u and not reply no matter wat you say

  34. Well guys whatever you say about Greece is only the half sad truth!The rest of it has been given by memoric’s words!He unfortunately represents the 70% of the Greek population known with the code name Ellinares who don’t have manners and they think that this shit hole that happens to be my country too is something so important that all the nations ought to recognise just because the ancient Greeks (who don’t have the slightest similarity to the modern ones) achieved what they achieved.And by the way Les that law was one of the correct things to happen in this 3rd world country with the totally retarded people..but be sure that it will be forgotten soon

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