Get ready for the 9/11-a-thon.

The ads are already popping up for all manner of television specials on the upcoming anniversary of the terrorist attacks on the Twin Towers. For the next two weeks you can expect to be bombarded with all manner of documentaries and memorials. Being somewhat pragmatic in my approach to life I find this insistence on reliving the events of 9/11 all over again on the anniversary a waste of time at best and counter-productive at worst. A viewpoint I’m sure will earn me no small amount of acrimony from the folks who are promoting the idea that September 11th should be made into a national holiday.

The one bit of 9/11 coverage I will probably spend the time to watch is the upcoming episode of Frontline on PBS titled Faith and Doubt at Ground Zero. I’m always interested in how religious and non-religious people tend to react to major catastrophes and Frontline is a news show I’ve long held in high regard. The show is already generating a bit of a buzz as one of the few 9/11 oriented projects worth watching so I’ll probably be tuning in tonight at 9PM when the show airs locally in Detroit.

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