Blog fever…

For those of you considering running your own blog (and you know who you are) I just thought I’d mention that the offerings over at Blogomania, which is where your’s truly hosts, have gotten better since the Labor Day weekend. The Basic Plan that I’m using just went up to 200 MB of disk storage from 125, boosted the number of allowed sub-domains from 10 to 20, ramped up the monthly transfer from 9 Gigs to 13 Gigs, and slapped another 10 email accounts into the mix for a total of 60. The number of mySQL databases remains unchanged at 4, though. All still for the low, low price of only $12 a month or $30 a quarter. Because they’re blog-oriented you can be fairly certain they’ll have all the extra little bits you’ll need to run just about any blog script you’d want there. They have bigger plans available as well for you hardcore bloggers.

Wish hosting this cheap and useful had been available back when I was running my two anime websites..

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