A lot of people looking for the missing dollar.

A while back I slapped up an entry on the riddle called “The Missing Dollar”, that cycles around through email every so many years, without actually providing the answer to the riddle. I didn’t provide the answer at that time figuring folks might like a couple of days to work it out. Everyone must have heard it, though, because no one responded either with an answer to the riddle or with a request asking me what the solution to it was. So, like many things in my life, I naturally forgot about it.

Google doesn’t forget, however, and lately I’ve seen a rash of people coming to the site from Google and other search engines looking for that very riddle and, presumably, the answer to it. I’d have to say that a good 2 dozen folks have passed through here looking for info on that riddle, which I still haven’t provided the answer to. Depending on what folks have entered into Google as a search term to find it (most seem to use the full text of the riddle) my site can be ranked as high as 7th on the list of good matches to the search. I bet more than a few of them were a little pissed to leave without the answer.

You’d think one of them would have taken the time to post a small comment asking what the hell it is seeing as I have said that I do know the answer. Only one person has asked me the answer and that was Eric and he did it in person so he doesn’t count. I suppose all these people could just be waiting for the day when they get the chance to meet me personally and then they can just ask me the answer because that would be a lot less work than actually using the comment system built into my blog. Why waste time typing in a request when it’s entirely possibly they could bump into me on the street of whatever god-forsaken town they live in tomorrow and just ask me in person right then and there? Surely they’re just moments away from running into me purely by chance, right? Well, if I DO happen to bump into one of you people by chance and you ask me in person, I’m not gonna tell ya. So there.

6 thoughts on “A lot of people looking for the missing dollar.

  1. BAH! I’m one of those very people you’re talking about.. and you make me read the whole damned post and I STILL DON’T HAVE THE ANSWER#&^#$!^

  2. hey that picture of you is really nice.  I think it brings out the beautiful colour of your eyes effectively.  And that little button nose of yours, i could just play with it all day.  And you’re beard, if i could groom it and possibly smother it in melted cheese and lick it off slowly, my life would be complete.  I hope one day we will be able to meet each other and maybe even one day have a relationship full of mad passionate monkey love with you.  Later sugar lips, Robby.

  3. Well, I’m flattered, but I’m married so I don’t think our encounter is fated to be. Thanks for the compliments though.

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