Zoom zoom.

Gonna be a busy weekend. Courtney’s cousin, Ailsa, is going home today after a week long stay with us. She seems to have survived the experience with her sanity intact so either we’re not as bad of people as we thought or she has a much better grip on reality than most folks.

After we drop her off we’re off to see the ‘rents up in Otisville. Been awhile since we’ve been up there and we missed the recent parade Mom and my niece and nephew were clowns in recently so we felt we should get up there and pay them a visit. Zoom zoom.

It’s a good kind of busy, though, the weather should be nice and it’s always good to do a little travel to see people you love. If I were better at letter writing then these visits probably wouldn’t seem as important to me because they’d have a good idea of what’s going on in my life, but I’m terrible at it even with the convenience of email. Oh well. It’s good to get out.

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