Website for Grand Theft Auto: Vice City now on-line.

The official website for Grand Theft Auto: Vice City is now on-line and boy does it have me geeking. It’s getting hit so hard right now that I can’t even get it to come up in my browser. Just about every PS2 related gaming mag has a big article on the game this month and the first movies of the game in action have hit the web eating up bandwidth aplenty. Vice City looks to be everything that GTA III was and then some. The city is twice the size of Liberty City in III and will be completely open from the start of the game. The graphics engine has been completely reworked and features some amazing detail and lush colors. The number of vehicles in the game has jumped to over 100 and includes a helicopter and various motorcycles as well as more boats. The sound track has been increased from the 3 hours of GTA III to over 9 hours and is chock full of real-world licensed music from the 80’s such as Flock of Seagulls, Judas Priest, and Hall and Oates. Everything about this game promises to be bigger, badder, and better than GTA III. Advertisements are suggestion you pre-order now to “avoid disappointment”. It’s due to hit the shelves on October 22. I know where the last of my birthday money is going…

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  1. I like to play vice city but the grafix is not as good as gta III pleac try to make a better one

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