Tweaking the blog.

Cruising around the web looking at how other folks at doing things with their MovableType blogs prompted me to adopt a few changes to my own site. Most of it is behind-the-scenes crap that doesn’t mean much to individual users as much as it will to the various search engine bots that scan the site from time to time. For example, the pages the site generates for individual entries will now have their title in the URL instead of their article ID number as they did previously. Search engines, as I understand it, tend to favor URLs like over URLs like Naturally this means that anyone who has linked to one of my posts under the previous system will now find that their link is broken, and I apologize for that, and the search engines themselves will be pissed off for a bit until they’ve had time to re-scan my website, but this should make things easier all around in the future.

The big change that most folks will notice is to the monthly archives listing. Previously clicking on the link on the left for the month of June would have generated one big page with every entry for that month minus the comments. Now it produces a page with a great big calendar on it with links to each individual entry underneath the day it was posted on. This should make going over past entries on a month-by-month basis a much easier and appealing process. I learned about both of these techniques by stopping by andersja’s blog where they’re being put to good use.  I’m looking into a couple of other ways to streamline the way the site does things to help clean up the presentation some what. I’m also considering a bit of a redesign as well. Comments/criticisms are welcome as always.

6 thoughts on “Tweaking the blog.

  1. Ah, I see the problem. I did the same thing at first. Looks like you forgot to grab the style sheet that goes with it. Be sure to grab the little graphic that goes with it as well (it makes the cells alternate in colors). Then add a new index template to your blog called calendar.css and insert that style sheet, editing the location for the black2.gif image if you put it someplace other than /images/black2.gif. Save, rebuild, and you should get the complete deal.

    That’ll have you up and running and for now and you can go back later, figure out how it all works and modify it to better fit in with your design. That’s what I plan to do at least. grin

  2. ok thanks les, i’ll have to look and see where i put the image. i have the stylesheet in place. hmm

  3. Nice. Tip-of-the-day: Enable “Trackbacks” in your individual posts (copy and paste the necessary code from your front page layout). This will allow your MT-enabled visitors to ping you more easily grin

  4. Did I not do that? I might not have done that. I thought I had done that. I’ll have to check and see if I’ve done that or not. Wouldn’t surprise me if I missed it. *Sigh*

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