Trouble in tooth-town.

I’m taking the day off to go see the Dentist. I hadn’t planned on doing it this way, but one of my teeth decided I needed a three-day weekend. I still have all but two of my adult teeth, the two missing ones are half of my wisdom teeth, though they are not all in pristine condition. Suffice it to say that I have enough metal in my mouth that I’m surprised I can make it through airport security checkpoints without being forced into a full body cavity search. Two of my teeth have crowns, one that has a facade to make it look real and the other being an actual gold colored cap. Someone once asked me why I opted to make my second crown such an obvious color and I replied that it worked as a reminder as to why I needed to brush my teeth every day. That and it also reminded me of how expensive not taking care of my teeth would be.

Teeth with fillings are never as strong as the original tooth and a couple of my teeth have some very impressive fillings. The tooth that’s taking me back to the dentist’s today has had part of the back of it crumble away. This is the second time I’ve had this happen. The first was a molar in the upper left of my jaw. It’s still there and it seems to be holding up well considering part of it is missing. This new problem tooth is one of the eye teeth just in front of my gold crown. Looking at it in the mirror reveals that it’s not quite the yawning chasm that my tongue seems to give me the impression it is. In fact, most of the tooth appears to be intact and the filling itself is holding firm. I’m not in any pain, although the rough edges of the exposed filling are scraping up my tongue quite a bit. What is it about holes in our teeth that forces us to perpetually probe it with out tongue despite knowing we risk making the damn thing worse?

Anyway, not being a dentist I have no idea how bad the damage is or if the tooth is salvageable or if it needs to be yanked or what. There are certain things I don’t like being uncertain about, however, and my teeth are pretty high on the list so I’m going to visit the dentist in another hour and a half or so to see what the verdict is. I’m not in any pain so I figure I can’t be doing too badly. It should still be awhile before I end up in dentures.

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  1. Thanks for the good wishes. I did post a follow up to this earlier this evening, but I wanted to acknowledge that I did read this. grin

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