Thunderbirds ROCK!

I’ve mentioned here before that I was geeked that the old Thunderbirds series was returning to television thanks to the folks at TechTV. This action/adventure series done entirely using miniature sets and marionettes is goofy, silly, and just plain geeky. I love it so. The series launched last night and I missed it, but it was only the first half of a two-parter and I managed to catch the second half this evening when it was on. If you missed this evening’s episode you can still catch it if you set your VCR to tape it at 1AM.

I was surprised to see that TechTV is doing a pop-up video style of presentation with little trivia facts about each episode appearing in a bar along the bottom as it plays out. Nothing anywhere near as disruptive as the VH1 show, but still easy enough to read while viewing and definitely very interesting. For example during this evening’s episode one of the models used in an action sequence is being pulled by a small wire that accidentally snapped sending the model careening off the stage. Instead of just re-filming the sequence, the show’s creators decided it added an extra bit of drama so they filmed an extra sequence showing that model crashing and bursting into flames. Small bits of info like that are put up during the show adding an extra dimension to it.

Needless to say, I was in total geek heaven this evening watching the show while my wife rolled her eyes in disbelief and tried hard not to ruin it for me.

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