That’s a lot of fax paper.

Saw this over at The People’s Republic of Seabrook:


The number of dollars that a coalition of California activists are suing for.

The lawsuits, filed in California state and federal courts, seek class-action status and punitive damages against; its telecommunications provider, Cox Business Services, a division of Cox Communications; as well as’s advertisers.

“The right to free speech stops at the entrance to my house. You are not allowed to invade my privacy and to use my resources to send your message,” said Steve Kirsch, a longtime Internet entrepreneur and philanthropist who announced the lawsuits.

The suits accuse all the named companies of violating federal laws prohibiting “junk” faxes—unsolicited ads or announcements that “broadcast” to millions of personal, corporate and government facsimile machines., in a statement, rejected the suits as “unfounded and absurd” and said it had the constitutional right to advertise by fax.

But in a decision earlier this month, the Federal Communications Commission proposed fining $5.38 million for sending unsolicited advertisements by fax, the largest fine ever proposed for such a violation.

Not having a fax machine in my house I can’t really say that I’ve felt the sting of unsolicited faxes, but I already have a deep and unabiding hate for spam mail and junk faxes certainly do waste more real-world resources (e.g. paper) than spam email does so I guess I can’t say I’m opposed to this lawsuit. It’s a ridiculous amount of money, but hopefully it’ll send a message to these people that they can’t just force their ads on people without their being some form of repercussions.

Incidentally, TPRS is a good read for such topics. Unique in being a lefty leaning Texan he earns my respect if for no other reason than having made SEB a site-of-the-day on his page! Heh, truth is he’s got a pretty good political viewpoint and isn’t afraid to poke you with it. Check his page out.

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