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OK, I’m almost ready.  I just need to finish up a couple of designs and then I’ll unveil my new Cafe Press shop called Stupid Evil Stuff. I’ve had a couple of people tell me they want SEB T-shirts. Why, I can only wonder. I imagine they feel their reputations are entirely too shiny and they want to tarnish them up a bit. Who the hell am I to stand in the way of people associating themselves with me for no good reason? Plus this works on my original idea not too long ago of declaring a National Potentially Offensive T-Shirt Day. Although I really need to tweak the slogan for that last bit because as it currently stands there’s nothing ‘potentially offensive’ about it.

The slogan in question is one that I thought was pretty funny when I read it and kind of went along with the rather scary half-picture of myself I have here on my site. The slogan was: “Do I look like a motherf**cking role model?!?” It’s the first half of the dirty word that I have a problem with. It makes me squeamish. Which is odd when you consider that I don’t have a problem with the word “fuck” at all as I tend to use it often in daily speech. Something about putting the word “mother” in front of it just bugs the hell out of me though.

Which, again, is odd when you think of what the combined word implies. In fact, I’ve always found it odd that either one would be considered an insult at all. Let’s face it, most of us want to do what the one word describes and a good number of us are what the other word describes. Anyway, I’m probably going to at least drop the mother off the front end of the word and maybe keep the asterisks in to soften the impact of the statement before I put the shirt up for sale on the store. Though a part of me feels somewhat wussy for doing so, which probably comes as a surprise to those folks who just consider me to be blatantly evil and inconsiderate. I mean, com’on, look how much consideration I’m putting into how offensive my T-shirts should be! And you folks thought I didn’t care enough. *wicked grin*

2 thoughts on “Stupid Evil Stuff

  1. Oh man, I’m going to get in so much trouble. I SO want the “WWJD for a Klondike bar” T-shirt! Gonna have to put up a link to this site.

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