Spam in other languages at least makes for a challenge.

Anyone else ever get spam email in some other language you have no idea how to read? I got one this morning with a return address of that contained, what I am presuming are, Japanese characters. It’s two lines of Japanese text both of which end with a link also in Japanese. Going to the website itself offers no revelations as to what the hell it’s all about. There are two pictures one of which is a building that could be a hospital or a store from all you can see of it. The other is of some form of newspaper or pulp magazine. The only romanized text is the name under the logo: Amity. Clicking on the couple of links on the page brings up new pages that have Window’s Media Player embedded in them, but no movie plays. Clicking around in general doesn’t reveal much. I have no idea why these folks felt I would be interested in going to this site.

I suppose I could just run it through one of Google’s translation engines to get a badly translated idea of what the hell the site is all about, but I’m not going to because it would remove all the fun from it. I know this is just spam like any other kind, but it doesn’t seem to bother me as much because a) I don’t really know what it’s for and b) the email was one of the least obnoxious bits of spam I’ve ever gotten. If they were all this low-key I wouldn’t be anywhere near as annoyed as I am with getting it. Not knowing what it was about made visiting the site kinda fun too as it became a bit of a puzzle trying to figure out what they were trying to sell me all the way from the other side of the planet. It probably is a picture of a hospital and I just got the Japanese equivalent of the ENLARGE YOUR PENIS ad that seems so common these days.

2 thoughts on “Spam in other languages at least makes for a challenge.

  1. I’ve gotten a sh!tload of spam e-mails from that same place.

    Which apparently isn’t a working website.

    I spammed them back with some hate-mail finally, but it bounced.

    Anyone know how to get removed from this particular spam?

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