Sony is a heartless, cruel, geek love tease.

Dropped in on Bottom to see what Matt’s been up to lately and I see this entry on how Sony, IBM, and Toshiba are almost finished with the new chip at the core of the future Playstation 3. The new chip’s name? Cell.

The new multimedia processor, touted as a “supercomputer on a chip,” is well on the way to completion, IBM says. The chip could end up inside the PlayStation 3, and elements of its design will be seen in future server chips from IBM.

Cell has nearly “taped out”—an industry term meaning that the chip’s pen and paper design and layout have been completed. Soon these will be handed over to engineers in manufacturing, who will craft samples. Meanwhile, engineers have been testing various sub-elements of the processor, both separately and together, before the manufacturing unit connects them inside actual Cell chips. At this rate, commercial production of Cell could come as soon as the end of 2004.

Hmmm. End of 2004, eh? That means we won’t probably see a PS3 in the States until 2006 by my guess. That gives me 4 years to get around to buying all the games I still don’t have for the PS2 and maybe even finishing a couple.

Personally, I’m still waiting for the PS9 to come out.

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