Small review of early version of Harry Potter 2 at AICN.

Saw this mentioned over at PromoGuy’s site and realized I hadn’t been out to Ain’t It Cool News in awhile so I missed this, but there is a spy report up on how Chambers of Secrets is turning out. No real spoilers to speak of (unless you’ve not read the book already), but enough to whet the appetite a bit. The reviewer says the film looks to be coming along pretty well and may end up being even better than the first. Can’t wait for November 16th now!

3 thoughts on “Small review of early version of Harry Potter 2 at AICN.

  1. We love Harry Potter! I bought the DVD for my daughter’s bday back in June and we’ve probably watched it 20 times. Of course we saw it at the theater, too. The DVD is cool- it’s got a bonus disc with games on it for the kids.

  2. In a bit of an early B’Day gift Anne let me pick up a copy of the movie used from the local Blockbuster (hey, it’s cheaper than new and if it’s messed up they replace it). I’ve been holding off on watching it repeatedly because it would drive her nuts, but I’ve snuck in a couple of viewings here and there as well as selected scenes during breakfast. I’m sad.

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