Prison day.

Today should prove to be an interesting one at least. We’re taking Courtney to visit her mother in prison. This will be the first time since her arrest that Courtney will have seen her. It’s been a little over three years and Court has grown a lot, both physically and mentally, in that time. Kim will likely be released next summer on a tether program to start working her way back into society. Today’s visit is likely to be the first of many to allow Courtney and Kim to possibly re-establish a relationship prior to Kim’s release. Everyone here is a little nervous as I’m sure Kim is as well. There are a lot of issues that are going to need to be worked through over time the most important one being an issue of trust. I think it’s safe to say that Courtney wouldn’t be terribly upset if her mother had to stay in prison for the full term of her sentence (which could have been up to 25 years based on her conviction) as Courtney seems most worried that her mother will try to disrupt her current home life. Hearing this from her makes me feel a little better because I sometimes worry that I am too strict with her or expect too much from her. She’s a great kid and I couldn’t be happier to have her here with me. It’s an opportunity I thought I’d never get. So everyone’s busy this morning getting ready to go visit and hoping for the best from this little excursion. With any luck it’ll go well.

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