Yeah, I’m outta shape and I’m feeling it this morning. Went swimming with Courtney and her cousin, Ailsa who’s staying with us this week, yesterday evening and it got to be an awful lot like running a marathon with them. Not that we swam laps or anything, but the general horseplay that comes from being with a couple of kids in a large body of water is still enough to remind one of his quickly approaching 35th birthday later this month. This morning the legs are sore and the arms feel like lead and I could use another couple of days worth of sleep, but it’s the most exercise I’ve gotten all summer and the first time I’ve been in the pool at all this year. I’m a bit of a baby when it comes to swimming in the apartment complex’s pool as not only is it not heated, but I highly suspect that they actually refrigerate it. It has to be pretty warm for an extended period of time before I’ll consider going in because the shrinkage it causes can sometimes take up to a week to recover from.

It was a good night of quality family time, though, as Anne was the inspiration for my trip down to the pool. We all had a good time, though we pretty well established that if I’m ever knocked unconscious in the water the best course of action will be for Anne and Court to go find someone big enough to pull me out rather than trying to rescue me themselves. We spent the evening after swimming watching Jim Carrey in Liar Liar and consuming a big bowl of low-fat microwavable popcorn before collapsing in bed. Nothing overly special, but a good summer memory.

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