New study finds that beer goggles are, in fact, beer goggles.

An article over at IOL titled Beauty Is In The Beer Holder reveals the not-so-shocking truth that people really do become more attractive as you get progressively more drunk.

“We have carried out experiments which show that what is known in the trade as the ‘beer-goggle effect’ does actually exist,” Barry Jones, professor of psychology at Glasgow University, told Reuters on Monday.

The study of 120 male and female students found drinking up to four units of alcohol – about one litre of beer or four glasses of wine – increased the perceived attractiveness of members of the opposite sex by about 25 percent.

Anyone who’s spent any amount of time hanging out at bars is probably already very familiar with this reality. Especially so if they spend most of their time there in a drunken stupor. It certainly explains how a couple of the guys I knew growing up managed to get laid at all because sober women would rarely give them the time of day. I can only imagine what the next big revelation from this group of “scientists” will be.

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