Name your kid “Turok” and win $10,000 for his/her college.

Those wacky folks at Acclaim are at it again, this time in the United States. Seems they’re willing to give $10,000 in a U.S. Savings Bond to the parents of the first kid born on 9/1/02 that are willing to name the kid “Turok” for one full year.

“Knowing how hard it is for parents to decide on a strong name for their child, we thought of an innovative way to solve this dilemma and help jump start their savings for the future,” said Tom Bass, Senior Brand Manager at Acclaim. “While names like Michael and Hannah are very popular, they hardly instill fear in the hearts of playground bullies and closet monsters, and we’re thrilled to give one lucky child the bold power of the Turok name.”

Turok: Evolution Baby Naming Contest

For the first time, “pushing your luck” could mean $10,000! If you’re a parent expecting a child with a due date on or around 9-1-02 and are willing to legally name your baby `Turok’ for one year, visit and pre-register for the contest. Out of the list of applicants, if your child is the first one born on Sunday, 9-1-02, then your brand new little dinosaur hunter, `Turok’, will get $10,000 in U.S. Savings Bonds.

Winners must provide official proof of birth with time and date from a hospital within the United States. In addition, winners must also sign a legally binding intent form to name their child’s first name “Turok”. $10,000 in United States Series EE Savings Bonds will be awarded to the winner upon furnishing a valid birth certificate that clearly indicates the baby’s first name as “Turok” to Acclaim Entertainment. Please visit for the entire list of official contest rules and regulations.

This, to me, seems like a much more reasonable request than the U.K. contest where they wanted five adults to change their names to Turok for one full year. Most babies won’t even recognize their own name for the first year of their lives and there’s no hassle with having to change credit cards, paychecks, bank accounts, and all the other info that’s associated with your name like an adult would have to do. Ten grand to put toward college in the future beats the hell out of $800 and a free Xbox and Turok video games too. Assuming that the current rate (3.96%) for EE bonds doesn’t change (it will) in 18 years that ten grand would cash in for $20,255.37 Of course, it’ll cost a half-mill to put your kid through college by then, but every little bit helps!

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