Mr. Jenkins goes to Washington.

I’m pretty certain I’ll be taking my first trip to Washington D.C. with the express purpose of participating in a march. I’ve been thinking about it for some time now and my good buddy Eric has stated that he’d like to participate as well so we’re thinking we’re actually going to do it. What’s that? Is this the Million Geeks March? Nope, it’s even worse than that. We’re going to participate in the Godless Americans March on Washington. If nothing else it should prove to be an interesting trip, we just hope that more than 6 of us show up for the event.

Non-religious people in general, and atheists in particular, tend to be difficult to organize. Most of us tend to be very individualistic in our thinking and don’t tend to buy into group-think even with like-minded people. That makes us rather difficult to rally to a cause, even our own. I think part of the reason an event like this is even happening at this point in time is a reaction to the events of 9/11. Or rather, it’s a reaction to the reaction of the events of 9/11. I think a lot of us feel it’s time to stand up and be counted to try and show that we’re not just some small fringe class of society. If counted as a “religion”, as some folks insist we should be, we’d be the third largest denomination behind Baptist. Combine the reaction to 9/11 with the overly religious antics of our current judicially appointed President and his cohorts and you’ve got a lot of people feeling a bit uncomfortable with the current climate here in the States. More attacks on the separation between church and state are taking place now than ever before and Ashcroft is slowing eating away at our civil liberties.

Yeah, it’s time to do a little walking even if I am seriously out of shape. Perhaps it’ll end up being a non-event. Perhaps the mainstream religious types will continue to ignore us. Perhaps it’ll all amount to nothing. But, at least I’ll have participated and made my voice heard. It’s more than a lot of people ever do. So, come November 2, 2002, Eric and I’ll be trudging through Washington with a whole lotta other non-believers and then settling in for a number of speeches and rallies that’ll take place on the National Mall. Should be fun, or at least good fodder for a couple more blog entries.

2 thoughts on “Mr. Jenkins goes to Washington.

  1. I think that is so cool that you are doing the march. i would totally go if i could afford it and my sis and this whole group of seculars we know. man it would be awesome. can’t wait to read about your expiriences there.

  2. We’re looking forward to it. Road trips are always fun if you’ve not done one in awhile. In the past most of my road trips were to anime conventions and I’ve not been to one of those in three years so it’s time I went someplace. Definitely gonna have to make sure the car is up for the 10 hour or so drive. wink

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