Indecision is a terrible thing.

Yep, it’s been awhile since I’ve had a wad of cash to blow on stuff I don’t need. I got around $150 for my birthday from folks who weren’t sure what to get me. It’s been awhile since I last had that much money to just go out and get what I wanted with and this grew into a bit of a minor crisis for me. I’ve talked before about how my life has changed such that I don’t have the disposable income I once did and as a result I’m way behind on the anime I want to collect as well as the various video games I’ve wanted to own. These days I tend to buy a lot of previously owned DVDs and video games because they eventually get down to around $20 or so and at that point it’s not so much of an impact on the budget if I manage to sneak one in here and there. Even then I don’t sneak one in very often.

On the other hand, that’s $150 that could go toward necessities that we could use. Let the guilt pangs start. Fortunately I married a woman who is keen on the concept that birthday money should be spent on things you want unless it’s absolutely necessary to do otherwise. We’re looking to be in pretty good shape for the month so off to Gamespot I went with the brother-in-law in tow just cause he happened to be around. Now I have to decide new games or new videos. Do I go for the newest games where I can only afford maybe 2 after tax, or go for some of the cheaper titles that have been around for awhile and gathering dust on my wish list? Ultimately I decided on games and made the most of my money by buying mainly used titles. Picked up Return to Castle Wolfenstein for $20 (it’s been out for awhile), Silent Hill 2 for $29.99 (they didn’t have any used copies), Hot Shots Golf 3 for $24.99 (used, you don’t really own a console system properly until you have at least one video golf game) and Tony Hawk Pro Skater 3 for $20 (used). Also picked up a Gamespot frequent used game buyer card as it offers a 10% discount on previously owned titles and they would apply it to the couple of used copies I was buying which made the cost to join more like $3 instead of $10 and it came with a year subscription to Game Informer magazine. Not my favorite mag, but what the hey.

Combined with the copy of Final Fantasy X I got from Anne and the Aliens Vs Predator she got me earlier cause it was $10 and the No One Lives Forever I picked up with a gift certificate from my sister-in-law and her husband (Thanks A&P!) I should be sitting pretty video game-wise until Christmas. Of course, now my hard drive is stuffed and I need to get a bigger one, but oh well. Better to have too many games than too little in my book. Oh, and I believe a couple of buddies were planning on going in on Warcraft III together for me. That would be the icing on the cake if it happens, but I won’t be upset if it doesn’t. This has been one of my better gamer hauls in awhile. Life is good.

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