Help save Karyn! Give her a swift kick in the ass!

I first heard about this from my good friend Kiiri, who doesn’t have her own blog yet so I can’t link to it even though she keep saying she’s going to do it, and I avoided talking about it at the time. Recent events have convinced me I should bitch a little about it though.

Seems some “really nice” girl by the name of Karyn has managed to rack up $20,000 in credit card debt and has put up a website asking for donations from people to help her pay off this debt. According to her website she has managed to received about $6,736.68 in donations from other “really nice” people along with $1600.36 in sales of various assorted items of hers on eBay. Combined with the money she’s been paying into it herself she’s gotten her credit card down to $10,408.80 in 8 weeks.

My first reaction on seeing the site was mild amusement, but I didn’t harbor any doubts about it working. I’ve seen first hand that there are lots of people out there willing to toss time, money, and effort behind any number of useless and stupid causes and Karyn is just cashing in on it. I’ve said many times in the past that anytime someone feels the need to spend money on me for no good reason to feel free to do so, that’s why I have my Amazon Wishlist linked on my site, but I’ve never approached it as though I thought I deserved to have people spend money on me and that probably explains why very few people do. Though Laughing Muse did send me the book listed in my currently reading section which was a great surprise.

The site has already garnered it’s fair of critical reaction including a parody site called Don’t Save Karyn which currently ranks as my personal favorite. It has also received just tons of publicity from the mainstream media which hasn’t hurt it’s ability to attract donations. Naturally lots of bloggers have weighed in on the topic including Kat over at My Single Mom Life and it was the reaction she got to her entry on it that prompted me to write my own.

Seems she pissed a few of Karyn’s supporters off by being critical of someone who’s begging for money that doesn’t really need it. Karyn’s working, is paid relatively well and doesn’t appear to be close to destitute. She just sounds like she’s really a piss-poor money manager. She may even be “really nice” as she claims on her website, but she’s hardly what I’d call a worthy charity case. You can see a couple of pics of this poor destitute woman over at The Smoking Gun as her image is obscured on her website. I can admire her ability not to give a shit what her critics think, but I think she’s in need of a swift kick in the ass more than a donation. There are a lot of other people out there that these people could be sending money to who could really use it, many of whom can’t even afford to own a computer to put up a website to ask for it.

Still, I’ll never stand against someone’s right to spend their money on stupid shit so allow me once again state that if you need to spend money on someone for no good reason, well, I’m always willing to accept it. I can even come up with a good cause for you! I need to buy a house some time early next year as I’m sick of living in this crummy little two bedroom apartment. Currently I plan on using my upcoming income tax return as part of the down payment, but if I got 10,000 people to donate $1 then I’d have more than enough for a down payment and could spend my income tax return on furniture for the house! Now if that’s not a worthy cause, what isn’t? I’ll tell the mailman to expect the onset of back problems from the upcoming flood of checks. Thank you.

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  1. *laugh* I have to get through the next couple weeks and make sure I still have a job – and as long as I do, THEN the blog will be going up.  Although Karyn gives me a good idea – perhaps I should put the blog up now, and then beg for money if I lose my job??

    “I’m not buying Prada purses, but groceries would sure be helpful!!”

  2. That would at least be a better cause in my mind than what she came up with. So let’s see, we’ve got your groceries and my house. Surely there’s enough stupid people with money to burn to support both those worthy causes!

  3. For years I’ve been trying to think of ways of making money off the Internet (including recommending books on, selling t-shirts via CafePress, etc.)—all to no avail. Along comes Karyn who puts up a begging site and she not only gets money but she also gets publicity. It has also led to a very similar site called DELETED.

    I thought about fighting people like her but I finally figured that if you can’t beat them—might as well join them. So I decided to start my own begging site called Aid Kim. You can see it at:


  4. hey, why not send money to people who really need it. i just looked at your site kim and it is cute and funny but if you or anyone else wants to really make a difference, help me keep my lights on would ya?…lol seriously, i’m gonna lose my electricity.

  5. I have to admit that the more I think about this whole issue the more complex it gets. On the one hand, I don’t have a problem with folks like Kat who could use an extra hand having a PayPal donate button on their website or setting up Amazon affiliates and asking folks to click through her site when they go to buy books so she’ll get a little revenue. There are a lot of people who could use a little help from folks with a little to spare.

    Karyn just doesn’t strike me as one of those people and yet she’s one of the first to receive a lot of attention over her online begging website. I’m sure she’s a very nice person in most respects, but she doesn’t really need the help beyond perhaps a free course in money management.

    I’m in pretty good shape all things considered and I know there are a lot of people a lot worse off than I am when it comes to money. Still, I’d be lying if the thought hadn’t crossed my mind about setting up a site to help raise funds for a house. Just can’t get around the fact that it doesn’t feel like the right thing to do. I blame my parents for giving me scruples. wink

  6. Have you seen DELETED?

    Morty is hilarious and SEXY!

    Forget about Karyn, I owe $30,000 on a Nordstrom charge card, you don’t see me begging for money on the internet.  Morty on the other hand is cool, funny, confident, and SEXY!


  7. My fav is

    There’s a CEO who wants to move his factory to Mexico and he wants to raise $1,000,000 because his employees are trying to form a union! It’s hilarious!

  8. Asking for money is not a bad thing, but why not give to someone who REALLY deserves and needs it!  My favorite is (DELETED) I have donated $25 to her.

  9. A new site in the tradition of Save Karyn has been online for about two weeks.  It’s about a small family that wants to get out of debt and dedicate more time to family life.  Pay a visit at DELETED

  10. I wish I could say I was screwed because of buying expensive crap from Macy’s or Bloomingdales. I’ve never even been in those stores. I shop at ROSS and PAYLESS SHOE SOURCE (when I have extra money.) Yes, I have bought clothes and taken them back to get the money. I have worn the shoes once to an interview and then took them back. HELL I EVEN TELL THE PEOPLE AT BURGERKING THAT THEY MESSED UP JUST SO I CAN EAT.
    I ask for one dollar. Nothing more nothing less…and I have received help from REALLY nice people. Karyn, Karen, Care Inn is a complete ass. $600.00 dollars for a purse when I need to collect cans and ride my bike to my doctor’s appointments.
    If you hate Careless Karyn as much as I do…send ME a dollar! DELETED
    God bless!
    Heather xo

  11. Mmmmm.. wow, I had lost track of the comments on this post.

    Is it my imagination, or are there suddenly quite a lot of people asking for help in this medium? I suppose the way it affects me is all in the asking. Having an option on your site to help out, while your site offers content other than just “pay my bills for me!” stuff is fine. This setting up a site just to pan-handle for money is rubbing me the wrong way. I’d like to know how these folks can afford a domain and hosting package, as well as the computers they are using, if things are that tight. *shrugs*

  12. I was about to ask if anyone else had noticed how this very entry, which was critical of this concept, seems to have become a clearing house for people advertising similar sites. Do these people not see the irony in responding to a post where I basically advocated shunning people who beg on the net with a promotional speech about a new site they’re using to beg on the net? How did my site suddenly become the place to advertise this stuff?

  13. *grins*  I for one did not miss the irony.  It seems to me that lots of these folks don’t need help paying bills – they need help prioritizing what’s important. Because investing in hosting, domain names, and a computer to beg money to pay bills is…. ass-backward. smile

  14. whates even funnier is people are still coming to my site looking for my post on her probably hoping to advertise there too…lol all my archives have moved to a new server and the comment function from old posts is buh bye…lmao

  15. did you see the DELETED website though? atleast she has more with than all the other losers out there. i might send a buck then again i might have to take a nap. priorities lol

  16. Man, this is getting out of hand. I don’t mean to be cruel, but perhaps I should spell it out a little more clearly: I didn’t put this post in to become a clearing house for every person with their hand out looking for money from strangers. I’m sure you all have really sad stories and could really use the money and that’s great, but stop using my site to advertise it. The whole point of this entry was that I disapprove of electronic pan-handling. So, please, no more “IF you think THAT’S sad, come visit MY page and give your money to ME” type posts OK?

  17. My favorite site is DELETED I’m sorry but I just can’t get passionate about helping Karyn pay of a material selfish debt.  Elaine has true talent and is even a teacher… and we all know how little teachers make.  She is an aspiring Opera singer.  I donated – so should you! smile

  18. Gee “Dave” seeing as how both the post from NYCMom and yourself originate from the same IP address I guess that says all there is to say about how “honest” these folks begging for money are. You think you’ve been clever by changing the name you’re posting under and putting in false email addresses, but the IP address doesn’t lie.

    It’s pathetic how quickly people will jump on an idea that manipulates other’s sense of goodwill for their own profit. You’re just another asshole trying to make a quick buck off of someone’s sympathy. Take note that I will be deleting ALL posts that reference these stupid give-me-money websites from now on and altering the URLs so that they point to legitimate charities that could use the help. Might as well stop posting this shit now because it won’t be getting you any more traffic from this site.

  19. Okay enough already. People, stop with the copycat “help me, pay for my life” sites. Please. For crying out loud. If you have a legitimate financial problem, there are services to assist you. Spamming the web at large, and Les in particular, ain’t one of the services. Okaaaaaaaaaaaay? Knock it off, for real. Sheeesh.

  20. Lesssssssssssssssssssssss! Another URL to change! *points up* 

    Gosh, this subject just keeps rearing it’s ugly head, doesn’t it? 😀

  21. Let’s see. I think I’ll point it to the American Diabetes website today. Seeing as I have diabetes it certainly wouldn’t hurt to drive a few donations that way.

  22. OMG how pathetic is this bitch? First off she should learn if she spends her money on crap then shes going to suffer the consequences! I hope to god that she never gets married because the man would get screwed! I can’t believe that she got the money! I would be sure to do the same since it really works! that’s easy business!

  23. HA HA HA HA HA HHA HA HA HA HA HA HA HHA HAHHHHHHHHHHH Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa HAA!!!

    For two reasons!

    1. People paid karyn for spending her money on Prada and the like, (yet these are probably the same people who complain about paying taxes or won’t give a buck in the church collection plate.)

    2. Les, you are hilarious! Love how you changed those URL’s!

    Funny stuff!

  24. What is with these idiots that they just don’t seem to get it? I’ve changed this moron’s link to the American Cancer Society.

  25. How about not being an asshole and advertising your damned cyberbegging site where it’s not wanted? Thanks.

  26. hm…
    i’m surprised at the response on here
    and i’m surprised that people still keep trying to advertise when you keep changing the links smile it makes me happy.
    i considered doing a savekaryn copy site…
    i know it’s wrong and stupid…
    but i guess it was the type of situation where i just dont know what else to do.
    i understand asking for help if it’s necessary.
    i think, in karyn’s case however, it was utterly retarded.. mine is the type of situation where i cant buy groceries, i’m in school full time, working two jobs and i still owe 2,000 dollars for my tuition.  But, after reading this i’ve decided not to beg…. if i cant attend school next year… so be it i guess 🙁 
    i guess i would like to say that i appriciate the sense of humor, Les and people, you all need to fuck off and die

  27. I’m sorry to hear you’re having a rough time of it. My complaints originally were mainly based on the fact that Karyn, who started all of this crap, didn’t really need the help.

    Now I’m just annoyed with the fact that so many people come here and insist on trying to advertise their site in the comments to an entry were I decried the practice. If you need the help and you think a cyber-begging website is the answer then go for it. Just don’t go around putting ads up for it in places where they’re not appreciated and you’ll be fine.

    I like your art, by the way. If you haven’t already you should set up an account at DeviantArt and see if you can make a few bucks through their DA Prints Program.

  28. Thank you for being a dumbass and spamming my comments with an ad for your cyber-begging website. I have taken the liberty of editing your comment to indicate what a dumbass you are and change the URL you’ve left to point to a more worthwhile charity such as the American Cancer Society. Have a wonderful day.

  29. Save Karyn? Boy has this ever renewed my faith in the spirit of generosity. If you’ll excuse me, I’m off to set up a website to collect donations ‘cuz I’m all out of coke and booze darling. Unlike Karyn, I’m not blessed with a dealer who takes American Express, sweetie.

  30. The American Cancer Society is hardly worthy of donations. When is the last time you heard of them coming up with a cure for cancer? They are another corporation caught up in the for profit trap. They say they are a voluntary health organization, but they have a high amount of the donations collected going toward the cost of employment, travel, expert business advice and donation appeals. Read the American Cancer Society’s legal accounting reports and you will quickly see that administrative and employee (not of the scientific persuasion) costs and benefits quickly gobble up a large percentage of your dollar. If they were a company that had to provide an actual product in return for your money they would have to give up the business. Since they have non-profit and tax-exempt status it is easy for them to make a profit. See the paradox? (Money doesn’t always buy cures; The cash cow would wander off if it did.)So maybe Karyn deserves a little forgiveness for honesty. Ok,an atom of forgiveness, but not money. I couldn’t even find The American Diabetes Association’s financial statements on their website. Strange, and telling, I think. So, sorry Les, but I have to ask…You aren’t getting kick-backs for referrals are you? Not that any of this validates the gimmee gimmee appeals of savekaryn and her ilk. They have mind sets that allow them to “spare-change” others without a second thought, unless that second thought is ha! ha! got ya sucker. The annoying,lazy, perfectly able to work beggar on the street has simply moved to a new address called the internet.I hope I don’t get banned or edited for this but I had to speak up. BTW, I love and often read your site and no,I’m not 64.

  31. You won’t get banned or edited for this as I don’t have a problem with you stating your opinions. I only delete posts that I feel don’t add anything to the discussion (such as when someone shows up and just lets loose a stream of profanity without any point or makes statements that have nothing to do with the topic) and I only edit those that do something I’ve asked folks not to do, such as post ads for cyber-begging websites in my comments.

    Those are fair questions and I’ll be happy to respond to them. You’re correct that the American Cancer Society hasn’t come up with a cure for cancer, but then no one else has yet either so I can’t really fault them for that. However, the organization does much more than simply help fund cancer research such as helping people with cancer find the information and the help they need to battle this disease. Having had more than one family member stricken with cancer (it tends to run in my family) I can say that what the ACS does do is worthwhile in my mind.

    By comparison giving money to Karyn benefits no one other than Karyn. That in itself wouldn’t be a bad thing if she truly needed the help, but she didn’t. I give her credit for her honesty and for the fact that she did auction off some of the frivolous stuff she had wasted money on in her attempt to pay off her debt, but I still feel there are better causes out there worth supporting.

    No, I’m not getting kickbacks from referrals. My site isn’t that popular that I’d generate that much traffic for them. smile My linking to them is only a suggestion, not a mandate. I encourage folks to donate to their local homeless shelters if they want to directly impact a lot of people who really do need the help. There are a lot of very worthwhile charities out there that I haven’t linked to that could use a few extra bucks from folks and you’re more than welcome to substitute one of them over the ones I’ve listed here. Being diabetic myself and knowing my family has a history of cancer I picked two organizations that I may come to rely on myself at some point in the future.

  32. What a shame Karyn gets herself in debt spending wildly and then begs everyone to get her out of the mess she created. She should be flogged. I would be ashamed of myself if I were her but then some people have no scrupples. For months I’ve known I need major back surgery or I’ll end up in a wheel chair. But I have no insurance, so everyday I struggle to work saving every dime I can, going without meals and any extras, many days hurting so bad I wanted to cry but tears won’t solve the problem so why waste them. Yet I would not resort to begging for something so minor as paying bills I created for things that were nessesary. Why can’t she struggle though like the rest of us.

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