Good summary of a few anime titles.

As long as I’m talking about Matt’s site I should take a moment and point out his excellent little summary of a handful of good anime titles for anyone interested in learning more about the art form to check out.

I’ve chatted a little about anime here in the past. Mainly in relation to the two websites I used to run related to it, The Casual Otaku and Typing in the old URLs now will lead you to a second-rate search engine (the TCO URL) and an online store called Things From Another World (the URL) that lists anime for you to buy. The TCO domain has improved somewhat at least. It used to point to an offer to buy the domain surrounded by a host of ads for porn websites. Anyway, ran those sites for about 5 years. Got to know a lot of people in the industry. Got a lot of free anime that I ended up writing a lot of reviews for. Had a great time doing it.

I’m out of touch with the industry these days. Haven’t had the money to keep up with the series I was fond of and the only person in the industry I still hear from regularly is good friend and English voice actor Michael Brady who’s probably best know as the English voice for Joe from Crusher Joe. Haven’t been to an anime convention in almost two years now. I have two six-shelf bookcases on either side of my television filled with video tapes. A book case and a half of which is all anime. There’s still a few titles that have never been unwrapped for one reason or another. Blue Seed, for example, mainly because I started getting that one right in the middle of the series and it wasn’t the sort of title I felt compelled to go buy the first half of to see it and I wasn’t going to start in the middle. I keep thinking I’m going to auction off some of the stuff I bought myself and re-invest in DVDs so it’ll take up less room. I probably have a couple hundred dollars invested in the first 40 or so Ranma 1/2 tapes alone.

I did manage to rent the new Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust movie this past weekend, though, and I watched it this evening. I thought it was pretty good, certainly better than the first film. The English dub was one of the better jobs I’ve heard in awhile. Lefty’s comments alone made it worthwhile. Lefty is a parasite face that lives in the palm of D’s left hand. No, I don’t know why, I just know it was funny.

Anyway, the point of all this was to recommend folks check out Matt’s summary. Didn’t mean to go off on a large tangent, but I get a little nostalgic thinking of the days I was heavy into anime. Sometime soon I’ll post my own list of recommended titles.

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