Go read Harry Potter.

I made the mistake of picking up the fourth Harry Potter book just before bedtime last night as it has been a few days since I last read anything in it. Not uncommon for me to go upward of a week between reading chapters as I am usually able to slip right back in at the point I left without need of a bookmark. This was a mistake, though, as I was only a handful of chapters from the end of the story and once I got started I couldn’t bear to put it back down without knowing how it all ended. I finally made it to the last page at almost exactly 2:00AM. I am a tired puppy this morning. As for how I liked the book?


That’s all I could bring myself to say as I shut the cover. Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire is easily my favorite story of the series so far. The story is huge and reveals more about the Potter universe than the other three by far. The ending leaves one breathless and excited. Events unfold that surprised me in their seriousness and impact on the characters. Forget the kids, this is stuff any adult with a healthy imagination should love. Story telling doesn’t get any better or richer than this. If you’ve been putting off reading the series I would once again encourage you to go out and buy the books soon. I’m gonna go nuts waiting for the next one.

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  1. i absolutely love these books. we have read them all as a family outloud and it is just amazing the watch the brains working trying to picture such amazing things.

  2. harry potter is a gay freak. if you think about it, i think that Jk Rowling is just stalling the release of the fifth book because she knows that when the last of the series is over, practically every one who loves or is ‘obssesed’ with the books will fall into a kind of crushing depression. No one will want to read anymore fanfics because it will be pointless. Everyone will probably see the rest of the movies but eventually they will lose interest in that too.I know because it has happened before to me. (it really hurts)face up to it. THERE IS AN END TO THE MAINIA AND IT’S ALMOST IN SIGHT.

  3. I’m not sure what the point you’re trying to make is. Your first statement sounds like an attempt to troll for flames. The second statement is logically inconsistent. Wouldn’t it make more sense to stall the release of the 7th book if she were worried about the reaction fans would have when the series ended? There’s still two more books to go after the fifth.

    How fanfics figure into this discussion at all is beyond me. I don’t read fanfics myself. Your next statement is self-contradicting. Your last statement is the most coherent, but is little more than an opinion. I’d say that the mania surrounding Harry Potter has tapered off and settled down quite a bit since it first started already. Sure, at some point folks may completely lose interest in Rowling’s creation, but the books could go on to achieving the sort of lasting fan base that J.R.R. Tolkien books enjoy as well.

    Not that it matters as long as folks get some enjoyment out of them. It’s not about the mania surrounding the books, it’s about reading a damned good story.

  4. dear les,
    i can see that the way you talk about my comment you think it is stupid and dumb. Let me tell you something. All your happy little harry potter books are unimportant to real life. after the final release, everyone will lose interest in them. do you remember pokemon? How about furby? But those are toys! you say. well how about charles dickens? consider THIS: mrs. rowling’s books are not perfect. surely you know of the mistake in the fourth book? when harry’s and Voldmort’s wands met a series of ghosts came out. supposedly they were supposed to come out in succesion from last killed to the first and so on with the spells. the last to be killed should have been harrys father since his mother stayed inside to protect darling harry, but mrs. Rowling hasit that his mother was killed first! THEN his father. yes i have read the series and i discovered the mistake 3 days after the release of book four. i have not read harry potter in two years this christmas. i found them too addictive and after i quit reading them i found out how childish they sounded althogh i know that some of the material inside is for no child. have you seen some of the sick sites posted on the web? it makes my stomach churn and i want to puke. just type up ‘harry potter is gay’ in yahoo.(haha Now why would i type that?)scroll down and you will see what I am talking about. I hope that anyone who loves the series doesn’t find these sites.
    (PS. when i made the gay reference earlier i ment it in the stupid sence as in gay means stupid. not gay as in man loving man.)

  5. I never said your comments were stupid and dumb. I said that I had trouble comprehending your intentions with them.

    You say here that the Harry Potter books are unimportant to real life. What, exactly, do you mean by that? One could argue that all books are unimportant to real life. Does that mean that people shouldn’t bother reading books at all? I read purely for the enjoyment of reading, not because I think the book as any importance to real life.

    You may be correct in your prediction that after the final book is released people will lose interest in them. So what if they do? How does that drop off in interest change the enjoyment I get from reading them here and now? Why should someone else’s interest in the books dictate whether or not a person should or shouldn’t read them? I don’t understand why you think that matters at all.

    I do remember Pok

  6. You do provide some strong points and some angles I have never looked at before. I do agree with you that the Harry Potter books are not bad in themselves and that everyone has a right to read their own books. (im not one of those people tring to ban books from the library)And I suppose one could say that all books are unimportant to real life, but some are more helpful that others. I never said that everyone should quit reading them. Maybe I’m condemming the mania more than the series. These books seem to be far more addictive that any I have read before. (although you don’t need me to tell you that, all you have to do is go to walmart or turn on the Tv)Obsession is a terrible thing to look upon yet a beautiful thing to be in. I have been seeing the same thing here with HP that I also saw with Pokemon. People overtax the mainia until a burn out. Im not saying that you or anybody is obsessed with the books, it just……it seems like a lot of thing have come out about the series. Board games, coloring books, video games, dolls,… i could go on forever or at least for another ten minutes or so. I admit that it’s probably nothing and I’m not saying that it’s a bad thing, it’s just when does it get out of hand?When does Harry Potter stop being a book and start being a lifestyle? I know a bunch of people will not go out and start buying every Hp thing in sight, but it just seems like a lot of people are. You seem like the kind of person who wouldn’t do that kind of thing, nor does your daughter.
        And what about Harry potter? He disobeys the rules of the school yet is rewarded for it. I know that he had the best intentions, but in real life they can have bad outcomes. Also I dont approve the way mrs. rowling makes fun of the fat people. She is probably just using it to decribe some characters but the way she describes Harry’s (mean) realatives, it sounds like she is condeming them, and the readers are glad when somthing bad happens to them.(not always because they are fat but also because they are stingy but still, there was no point in overdoing it) Let us not forget that the real bad guy is the one who killed innocent people and that Harry’s Living realatives had at least provided for him and showed him some sort of family instead of putting him up for adoption (which im sure he would have been better off anyway) or leaving him with someone else.I think people should show harry’s gaurdians some kind of credit. Some people might start to think that any authority figure that make them mad is bad and should be punished. Again Im not saying that everyone thinks this way, it just seem like a bunch of people do.
        I’ve always been a person who favors the bad guys. (my favorite character is snape smile ) The only one i hated the most was the fat aunt. I don’t think she deserved to be blown up, just maybe a boot in her lumpy behind.
    PS My last two comments have been a little choppy but i was a bit strapped for time so i had to get my points out there quick.My first sentence making fun of harry was to just stir someone into a conversation so i could express my point of veiw. (wow this is a long comment)
    PPs this comment may also seen a bit choppy, but I still have a time limit today

  7. Harry Potter…Hmmmm..what to say about the books…THEY SUCK! i may sound like a pathetic, immature child but you know what I dont care. I don’t understand how ANYONe can truthfully say taht they think the Harry Potter books are the greatest things ever written. I agree with Gigo that Harry Potter is like Furbys and Pokemon that they have been created in order to make money off obsessed fans and childen begging their mother for the next Harry Potter action figure. I have read the series and i found that they have no substance. The whole time you are reading them you are thinking “So this is what, the 4th time Harry has narrowly escaped death …riiiiight” Now i say, why waste your time reading these flimsy books when you can read books with substance, books that have withstood the test of time, books like Lord of the Rings for example. J.R.R. Tolkien has created a masterpeice worth reading and with good role models and ideals for children to follow. BEAT THAT HARRY!

  8. I never said the Harry Potter books were the greatest things ever written, I just said they were good and folks would probably enjoy reading them. J.R.R. Tolkien’s books are certainly worthy reading as well, but not everyone can get into them as easily as they might get into Harry Potter. Personally, I made it through the first book in the Lord of the Rings trilogy, but only just barely. Never finished the second book and never started the third. What I did read I enjoyed, but it was too much of a chore to make it through the whole series.

    My suggestion would be to read both series as they both have much to offer, but then I don’t tend to be a rabid fan-boy who invests all his energy into one particular author or literary genre.

  9. I am not a Rabid-fan Boy. For 1) Im a girl and for 2) Im not rabid. But I am a fan.

  10. Oh yeah and sometimes people devote alot time and energy towards one literary genre but I would have you know that LOTR is the first
    sci-fi or fantasy book that I have ever read besides Harry Potter but I dont really count that becuase it is more of a childrens book.

  11. Whats that supposed to mean? I was doing research on you…maybe I should become your stalker and walk around behind you with a sign that says “J.K.Rowling is Satan’s spokesperson”
    A pic of Les

  12. It means exactly what you think it means. Your followup statement more or less reinforces the point.

  13. I luved Harry Potter and the goblet of Fire it was my favorite I’ve read it over 50 times seriously! (probably even more lol

  14. You may have missed the whole point.  What you see as inconsistencies are actually not.  They are part of the mystery.  We actually do not know who was killed first.  The only witness was Voldemort himself.  The fact that his father came out first is a key to the whole mystery…it reinforces that we have no idea what actually occured that night.  Just as everyone keeps telling Harry that Voldemort was after his parents, we now know that isn’t actually the case.  If you read what Harry hears when the dementors are around, his father dies only trying to hold Voldemort off so Lilly can escape with the baby Harry.  Voldemore himself says his mother only died trying to protect him.  His parents weren’t even his intended victims.  Nothing we know about that night is probably correct.  And since Voldemort is the only true witness (that we are aware of, other than Harry himself) we cannot possibly trust his account of events.  We only think his father was killed first because Harry hears a man’s voice yelling for Lilly to run.  No one ever said that was his father.  Harry assumes it is because it is a man’s voice.  Again….this is the key to the whole mystery…not inconsistencies

  15. I’ve read the first 4 books, they are all great in there own way, I was really interested in book 3, where he found out that Sirus was his God Father… That was great!

  16. I can understand why some people would be a little freaked out by all the marketing.  I like the books, though—I usually read about twenty to thirty minutes to the wife before we sack out.  She loves ‘em, and they’re easy reading.  Plus I get to do all the voices.

    Her other favorite?  Dickens.  Don’t ask me why, but she actually loves it when I read her Dickens.  We did “our mutual friend” last year.

    Ooh, that doesn’t sound right!  We did our mutual friend?  Uh, I READ to her, the book “Our Mutual Friend.”

    (There, that’s better.)

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