Follow up on my trip to the tooth doctor.

I should probably follow up on my report on my broken tooth: Yep. It’s broken alright. Doc M did a temporary patch job on it to tide me over until we figure out how many organs I’ll need to sell off to pay to have another crown put into my mouth. This’ll be my third and will be going on the tooth right in front of the last one to get crowned. I’m starting to feel like my mouth is a checker board and my teeth keep screaming KING ME BABY!

Anyway, the next big decision (after which organ to sell) is whether to allow Doc to put enamel on the the crown to try and hide my shame or follow the precedent I set with the last crown and make it a traditional gold color. This one will be closer to the front and definitely visible when I smile. My current gold tooth is far enough back that only the eagle eyed tend to notice it’s gold. My first impulse is to leave this one a nice gold color too, but I did clear it with the wife on the off-chance that she might not appreciate it. I believe her response was along the lines of “It’s your mouth.” That’s true, it is my mouth, and goodness knows I’m certainly putting enough of my money where it is.

2 thoughts on “Follow up on my trip to the tooth doctor.

  1. Don’t do any more work on your teeth than you have to. More work just kills the tooth in the long run

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